Format of HUF Creation Deed , HUF PAN CARD & BANK ACCOUNT

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27 November 2010

Pl suggest the process of HUF Creation & ans the following points:-

1. Format of Creation of HUF DEED & required
amount stamp paper for the same.


3. New Bank Account of HUF.

Thanks in advance

Aditya Maheshwari (Expert)
27 November 2010

1. Search in files section. No stamp paper required.

2. form 49A needs to be filled along with proof of karta.

11 January 2011



I, ________________ son Of __________________ Residing at ______________________ aged ___Adult do hereby declare-

1. That I am Karta of ___________________________________________ .

2.That I received on behalf of the H U F gift of Rs. ___________ by way of CASH/CHEQUE from my FATHER ___________________________(name of relative of karta of HUF) on dt. _______________ this formed the corpus of the HUF.

3. That the HUF at present is consisting of the followings members- I) Shri _____________________, Adult, Residing at _________________ II) Smt. _____________________, Adult, Residing at _________________ III) Kumari _________________-Minor, Residing at ___________________

4. That the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge & belief. Declare this on _________________

WITNESS: Signature 1. ————————————–

——————————— 2. ————————————– (_____________________)



GIFT MADE BY ________________________ TO THE HINDU UNDIVIDED FAMILY OF ___________________ I,_____________________________, residing at_________________________________________________, do hereby declare and affirm as under:

1. That out of natural love and affection borne by me towards the Hindu Undivided Family of_______________, I have made a gift of Rs.______ (Rupees _________________ only) as per the following details: By Cheque No.________, dated __________, drawn on Bank ____________________, ________________ Branch, in favour of ________________________ HUF.

2. The above Gift has been duly accepted by ________________________, as Karta of his Hindu Undivided Family and has been duly acknowledged hereunder.

3. This Declaration of Gift is made to record the fact that I have made this Gift in favour of the Donee as above, who now has the absolute right, title and interest in the gifted amount. Date: ___________, 200__

___________________ (Signature of the Donor)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF GIFT I, ________________________, hereby acknowledge having received the above gift made to my Hindu Undivided Family by _________________________. Date: ___________, 200__

___________________ (Signature of the Donee as Karta of his HUF)

11 January 2011


As our HUF firm wishes to open account with your Bank in the said name, ----------, we declare that the first signatory to this letter i.e.-------- is the Karta of the joint family and other signatories are the adult co-parceners of the said family.

We further confirm that the business of the said joint family is carried on mainly by the said Karta as also by the other signatories hereto in the interest and for the benefit of the entire body of co-parceners of the joint family. We all undertake that the claims due to the Bank from the said family shall be recoverable personally from all or any of us and also for the entire family properties of which the first signatory is the Karta, including the share of minor co-parceners.

In view of the fact that ours is not a firm governed by the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, we have not got registered our firm under the said Act.

We hereby undertake to inform the Bank of the birth or death of co-parcener or any change occurring at any time in the membership of our joint family during the currency of the Account.

We agree to indemnify and hold the Bank harmless in case of any loss suffered by the Bank, its customers or a third party or any claim or action brought by a third party which is in any way the result of availing of services by us under the above account title. We agree that all the information disclosed above are correct and agree to inform you of any change in the information provided in this form or in related documents.

We confirm having read the rules of the Bank regarding the conduct of the account and the rules and regulations pertaining to Phone Banking, ATM / Debit Card, Doorstep Banking,
Net Banking and Mobile Banking. We accept and agree to comply with the terms & conditions or any rules of the bank that may be in force from time to time. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to obtain a copy and read the same.

I / We have received the deposit rules annexed to this account opening form and agree to abide by the same.

Name of Karta:
Signature: ___________________________________

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