Dear sir

I have filed tds nil return in Quarter 4 F.Y .2018-19

And after one month I known that is tds not paid by self and Paid the same and added the paid challan in revised tds return and filed without adding any deductee row

Now I trying to request again for conso file but the filed acknowledge number is not match with deductee

Now what can I do for the same and how can I revise my tds return

Please tell me


22 August 2019 at 23:54

Capital gains account scheme

Hi ,

Posting this on behalf of my mother. My Mother had a house which she sold on 28/04/2017. I invested the capital gains amount in the Capital Gains Account Scheme on 08/03/2018 which i duly showed in her ITR -2 and therefore claimed deduction under Section 54.

We spent the entire Capital Gains on 11/10/2018 for a new house in which she is the co-owner alongwith my wife.

Earlier year in the ITR -2 I had shown this as deduction against Capital Gains Scheme.

I am confused on how to show and claim the deduction for this year.

22 August 2019 at 23:01

Excise help

Wanted to know more about Excise duty when it was applicable;
for a product which was bought and sold with my own Tradename and Logo in the year 2010-2017.
and the product was exciseable
1.Is Excise duty was applicable from very first sales .
2.Goods were purchased and sold by own tradename.
3.If i was not paid excise duty after a sales turnover more than 1.6 cr in a particular year.
than what will happen.

22 August 2019 at 22:53

Suggestion /, guidance wanted

I run a factory on partnership basis with my brother in Guwahati from 2008.
I was not involed in day to day activities and signed every year where my partner said including balance and others papers.

When balance sheet of 2016-17 came on mail to me on the last day of submission 30th sep,2017 I asked my CA where is the balance sheet of last year which did not have my signature on it.

The CA and my partner had not replied well and I became suspicious. Then I remembered of one stamp paper was signed by me previously and I searched the same and read carefully for the first time and I came to know that power of attorney gives all right to my partner only.

I asked both of them for original copy of power of attorney but denied and my doubts become more confirmed.

Now my question is that:-

1-Can only one partner sign the balance sheet in a partnership out of two partners for income tax filing legally?
2-CA /Partners both not given any account till date from 2011.
3-CA /Partner not replying any mails from that day.
4-On 20/3/2018 I visit factory and market and come to know that our factory was sold products 30 to 40% in under billing and
sometimes without billing.
5-I send same query by mail to CA/Partner. Both not replied till date but my CA send resignation letter dt 24/3/18 and send
resignation letter by hand on 3/8/18.
6-Can a CA cum Auditor can do so?
7-My partner / Staff not giving me any accounts and has stopped factory production from march 2018.
7-My partner start new factory with the same machine / same product and also he is the common partner with his wife without
my knowledge nearby my factory to get Exemption in North East region .

Please guide me what to do.

22 August 2019 at 22:32

Capital gains in itr 3

I have incurred short term capital gains in liquid funds i.e debt fund and have incurred short term capital loss in equity mutual funds. In which column I need to specify the same ?

22 August 2019 at 22:24

Tax liability on sale of property

I am selling ancestral property for which I will receive payments in parts for 6 months before the registry is done .So when does my time line to invest start to hit Capital Gain bonds .From the date of Receipt of first payment or from the date of registry.?Also can I use the funds and top the same before the registry is done and invest complete proceeds in Infrastructure Bonds.?

22 August 2019 at 21:51



I need 1 clarification that, if a non citizen is a resident in India for the previous year, since he does not have Aadhar card because he is not a citizen of India,but it is mandatory for all the residents of India to mention their Aadhar number in the income tax return. How to file the income tax return of Resident of India( Non Citizen)


22 August 2019 at 21:10

Itr 3

My client had 44 ad income along with some commission income from amazon
Where to fill the commission income in itr 3
Along with 44 ad income

22 August 2019 at 20:05

Tds as per 194lbb

i am individual and i have invested in funds of Edelweiss Credit Oppurtunites Fund (ECOF) and fund has derived income from various activities ( business, capital gain, other sources, dividend) and it has distributed the income to unit holders in the same proportion the fund has earned income and it has deducted TDS under section 194LBB.
What should be the treatment of income in the hands of unitholders?
Whether the income is exempt in the hands of unit holders ?
whether the income if taxable in the same nature as it is in the hands of ECOF?
whether the income is exempt as pass through income?

22 August 2019 at 20:04


salary earned out of india during FY 2018-19 but amount sent to his father account in india
whether said salary is taxable in india

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