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CA Zainab
27 December 2023 at 12:25

GMCS & Self Paced Module

Registered in CA Final Old course prior 2017.
3 yr Artcleship, Adv ITT, GMCS 1 &2 done by 2016.
Appeared both groups.
No group cleared.
No exemption.
Not converted into new scheme.

Now want to convert into New scheme 2023.

Q1) whether exempt from AICITSS?
Q2) whether all four modules of self paced applicable?
Q3) whether self paced module to be done before appearing for exams?

Harshit Kedia

I had submitted my FORM 109 (Reason - Family Shifting) after correction on 11 December 2023 and as on 23 December 2023 it is showing "Sent to Competent Authority for Approval" I had first submitted my FORM 109 as on 28 November 2023.

Please help me figure out what to do next and how much long will it take?? Does Competent authority rejects the Form 109??

jagriti sharma
29 November 2023 at 17:56

Articleship termination after 2nd year

Dear Sir, Can you please share letter of recommendation (as mentioned by you in article ship transfer application). I am taking transfer from Maharashtra to Rajasthan. So need this letter.

Amit Kumar
26 November 2023 at 14:24

CA industrial training termination

I'm Amit form Mumbai i really need advise on industrial training termination (form 105) as i want to take transfer during my industrial training im not getting work as per my job description and team enviroment is also negative , My principal told me take transfer if you want but i came to know that transfer is possible on 2 grounds. (1) on Death of pricipal. (2) on Resignation of principal. so what is the solution here as i and my principal also agree for my transfer as well as i have an opportunity from a company for remaining training period ,please respond me as im in urgency if anyone have any idea

Summer Davidson

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Aysha ludna
20 November 2023 at 11:38

Excess leave taken in articleship

how many leaves are allowed if i take excess leave of 59 days during the first two years of ca articleship then i took termination and joined in another firm and no leaves are taken?

Aksha Shetty
31 October 2023 at 21:30

Chartered Accountants Final course

I am a CA Final Student. I have completed my 3 years of practical training and undergone GMCS and ITT Course under old scheme. My last attempt of Final examination was in Nov 2020(old) but could not clear. Now I want to re- start my studies and would like to know how to register for Final exam ? Is it mandatory to undergo Advanced ICITSS ? If yes before exam or before applying for membership? Any other exam to be qualified before writing finals ?
What are the procedures to register and fees for final ?

Please guide me experts.

Shivansh Dhawan
28 October 2023 at 17:45

Cost Sheet Doubt Raw Material Consumed

prepare cost sheet from following data –
Raw material consumed – 15000 ; Direct material – 9000 ; Machine hour – 900 hr. ;
Machine hr. rate – Rs. 5 ; production – 17,000 units ; sales – 16,000 units ; selling
overhead per unit – Rs.4 ; office overhead 20% on work cost ; profit 20% on sales

Simrita Gandhi
23 October 2023 at 20:36

Nov 23 CA Final Exam query

If I don’t write Ca Final Exam in Nov 23 after filling the exam form, will I get Set C and Set D exemption from May 24 onwards ? Or will it change ?I have cleared both groups of IPCC in 2017. I have given 7 papers during IPCC according to that times course. So are Set C and Set D completely exempted or only 1 of it is exempted?And I have also attempted Ca Final Exam in earlier attempts but could not clear.

21 October 2023 at 22:50

GST Default Reg

I would like to clarify some doubt regarding the default in GST Payment .
i.e. Mr .Krish was acting as director in CBS Info Pvt Ltd during F Y 18-19 and the company has not paid the GST amount to the extent of Rs 2.5 Crore .(In the mean time he has resigned in Oct.2023 from the above company)
Further he has been appointed in another one Public Ltd (Listed) company as a CFO Cum Company Secretary and Independent Director in some other Public Ltd ( SME Listing) Company .
Now GST Department attached the Bank account of both the Companies where he is working at present .
Is it valid? whether the GST official has such a power to attach Bank account in the above scenario ?
How to defend the above issues ? by simply remove the Director from the Board or any court proceedings only ?