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17 March 2019 at 12:14

Shares held - physical form

For experts opinion please:
Does SEBI Rules invalidate shares held in physical form after 31-March,2019.
Can holder of physical shares DE-materialize after 31-March 2019
Does that mean the restriction applies to transfer and not holding physical shares.

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17 March 2019 at 10:28

Mf investing

I had invested in a particular ELSS Direct (Growth) fund lumpsum 3 yeara ago to save tax u/s 80C. Now, on completion of the lock-in period that fund has given good return (56% absolut). Would it be advisable to invest again in that fund this year after redeeming the old units?

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14 March 2019 at 11:09

Share of foreign company

Can a shareholder of Indian company which is holding company of foreign company purchase the share of that foreign company if yes then what is the procedure?

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In the accounts presented it is not visible whether it is included under which account.
So the profit and loss account : Profit occurred is subtracted the amount used for buyback
:The other side is profit occurred is having this amount used for the buyback

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04 March 2019 at 06:31

Share transfer

Hi All,
We have a company in India in which 2 Indian directors were there. Then we introduce new Foreign director and remove one of the Indian Director from company. What should be the necessary steps to be done by foreign director for share transfer from old director to him?


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I have purchase RIL’s 85 shares in 7-12-2012 with transfer form duly saler's sign but till today I have not transfer this shares in my name. Today I visit Karvy share transfer office to submit my shares to transfer in my name. Karvy authority said that transfer form is old as 7-12-2012 & not valid for transfer.More over they demand PAN No of saler.But salers name is differed in PAN No. Example thatshare certificate name is Chhaganbhai G. Mane

But saler’s PAN no Name is Hindurao G Mane.
Please advice me how to proced to transfer this shares in my name.

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13 February 2019 at 20:22

Share certificate

I want to know the procedure of Share Certificate where the Pvt Ltd company has Shared Capital of 1 Lakh and 2 Directors.

1] How and who will issue the share certificate? What else shall be witnessed/signed by?
2] How the Proof of paid share capital can be obtained for ROC filling?

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A client is in the business share trading(Main object of business). They borrow stocks(ONLY IN DELIVERY) and go short(NOT IN FUTURES/OPTION) in them, with an expectation that prices will come down in the future. My query is how can same can be accounted in tally(or books of account) and he intends to carry forward the same to the next financial year and cover it sometime before or after election. Generally when pass an sales entry in tally, the software by default treats it as sales turnover and whole -consideration is offered as gross profit.
1. Is there any provision according to IT act to carry forward the same or would he have to close the position and sell again in the next financial year. ?
2. How the same should be accounted in tally. ?

Please guide.

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30 January 2019 at 17:36

Stamp duty on share transfer

Dear Experts,

For transfer of Pvt Ltd company's I need to pay stamp duty . Stamp duty value more then 5000/- . So stamp duty need to pay through E-sbtr.
Please advise Articale Code applicable for payment of share transfer fees.


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