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15 June 2017 at 12:46

Excise return revised

What is the provision regarding revision of excise return.

Raghavendra K S

ABC Ltd (opted to pay duty @ 2% without cenvat credit under Notification No. 01/2011) sends raw materials to Mr. X (Job worker) for job work. Job worker processes the goods with brand name of ABC Ltd. In this scenario,
(1) can ABC Ltd send materials to job worker under Rule 4(5)of Cenvat credit rules? or ABC Ltd should follow notification 214/86?
(2) Who is liable to pay duty on final product, ABC Ltd or Mr. X?

18 May 2017 at 22:09

Excise registration

Dear Expert,

I seek your help in excise registration in kolkata.A Few months back We had applied for excise registration in Kolkata . After Physical verification the officer has sent one notice to us and to lanlord of Place of business with whom we have made Rent Agreement . In this notice officer is asking from landlord to produce a document which will prove that owenership of place of business is with him. We have produced him an electricity bill which he is not accepting as proof of owenership of landlord.
Landlord is not also supporting in providing a document.

Kindly advise us in this matter asap because officer is going to revoke the registration on Wednesday next week .

Your guidance will be highly appreciated.

Saheb K Maharana

Surajit Sarkar

how can I return file for excise duty. kindly attached filled up form and suggest best tutorial eBook.

Gaurav Srivastava
07 May 2017 at 03:53

Ssi exemption

One of my client is going to start supari manufacturing unit, and i have following two queries related to excise registration.

1. Whether a supari manufacturer can avail the benefit of SSI exemption under central Excise?

2. If yes, then upto which turnover they are not required to get registration under central excise?

Please answer it as early as possible.
Many thanks in advance

Manjunath S
04 May 2017 at 15:00

Availing cenvat on capital goods

My Query is about Availing Cenvat on Capital Goods.

We purchased 6 Capital Goods in March 2017 and 3 accounted in our system in March itself. Another 3 is not accounted since bill is not reached us.

After ER-1 returns on April 10, we received another 3 pending bills and accounted for March itself since material received in March and bill date is also in March 2017. But these three bills are not reflected in ER-1 since return was already filed.

Now can we avail 100% Cenvat credit in April 2017?

Because 50% credit is already showing in SAP since accounted in MARCH 17 and another 50% is supposed to transfer now.

Please advice.

Jitu Kumar
20 April 2017 at 00:02

Capital goods

all goods used in office which is located with in factory consider capital goods yes or no


hi i have a query

i have to sell excisable goods to a merchant exporter who will export agst form ct-1 without charging excise duty

now i have to submit proforma invoice so i need to know the retail sale price , how should i fix the retail sale price for the purpose of calculating assessable value becoz u/s 4 i cannot remove excisable goods w/o rsp

pls respond urgently

shamita mayekar
09 April 2017 at 19:18

Calculate exicise duty

Revati Industries has a factory at Lonavala and two branches at Vapi and Silvasa. The goods are produced at a cost of 170 per unit. The transport cost to Vapi is 35 per unit and to Silvasa are 30 per unit.
Profit @20% on cost is added.
During March 2015, quantity manufactured was 25000 units. Out of this 7500 units were sent to Vapi and 6500 units were sent to Silvasa.
The sales during month were:-
a) Lonavala 9000 units to Local customer
Lonavala 2000 units to overseas buyer
b) Vapi 6500 units to local customers
c) silvasa 5500 units were captively consumed. Calculate excise duty payable @12.36%.

01 April 2017 at 17:53

Pesticide hsn code

Dear sir my unit is pesticide manufacture unit so plz how can i search all product HSN code.

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