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30 May 2024 Sir/Madam

I have completed my Video of SET A for SPOM and continuing seeing Video of SET B. Can i appear in SET A exxam online??

After seeing all Video of SET B, I will appear in SET B!!! it is possible??

Please clarify

11 July 2024 In your scenario, it seems like you're asking whether you can appear for the SET A exam online after completing the video content for SET A, and similarly for SET B after completing its video content.

Here’s the clarification:

1. **SET A Exam**: Typically, for exams that involve multiple sets (like SET A and SET B), you need to follow the prescribed order of examination. If you have completed watching the video content for SET A, you should ideally proceed to take the SET A exam online before moving on to SET B. This is to ensure that you adhere to the exam structure and timing set by the organization or institution conducting the exams.

2. **Order of Appearance**: It’s usually not permissible to skip the SET A exam after completing its video content and directly move to SET B. Each set is designed to cover specific topics or sections of the syllabus, and the exams are structured accordingly.

3. **Compliance with Exam Rules**: It’s important to follow the guidelines and rules set by the exam conducting authority. Skipping SET A exam and attempting SET B first may lead to issues related to exam integrity or non-compliance with exam protocols.

Therefore, to proceed correctly:
- Complete the video content for SET A.
- Register and appear for the SET A exam as per the scheduled or permitted timing.
- After completing SET A exam, proceed to watch and prepare for SET B.
- Only after completing the preparation for SET B, register and appear for the SET B exam.

This sequential approach ensures that you are compliant with the exam rules and procedures while effectively preparing for each set of exams. If there are specific rules or flexibility allowed by your institution or exam provider, it's best to confirm with them directly to avoid any misunderstandings or penalties.

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