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Dear Experts,

I want to know about what are the procedure to file TDS correction statement 26Q

Sanaulla Sharief (Expert)
06 January 2011

The TDS or TCS return status will be available online within three working days after return has been filed. The return status will ensure that “Have you filed correct TDS return?”. So every deductor should check TDS or TCS return after filing the returns.

Let’s find how to check status of TDS or TCS returns step by step.

Login by TAN
Deductor visit, Click on “Quarterly Statement Status” option.

1.Enter PAN and PRN (PRN or RRR number: – The Provisional Receipt Number [PRN or also termed as RRR number] will be furnished by NSDL [TIN FC or Online] on successful submission of a TDS/TCS return. This receipt number will be the future reference for the return of that particular quarter of the financial year.)
1.Once logged in, it displays the full detail about file return. So you can find here inconsistencies and filed correct return accordingly.
There may be two types of inconsistencies in TDS/TCS returns one may be challan based and other may be PAN Based.

Challan Status inconsistencies: When you file TDS/TCS return, first the details regarding deposit of TDS/TCS made by you is compared with the data given by banks. The data is uploaded by banks on the basis of the TDS/TCS challans received by them for this purpose, The Challan indetification Number (CIN), TAN and TDS amount as given in your TDS/TCS return is compared with the campared with the corresponding details given in thee challan details provided by the bank that has accepted the tax.

Challan has contain three main parts, which are provided by the bank when you deposit tax and that must be correctly put in TDS/TCS returns.

■BSR Code of Branch of Bank
■Challan Identification Number (CIN)
■Date of Challan
The all above parts must correctly enter in TDS/TCS returns, otherwise there may be following inconsistencies

1.Matched : If all the CIN details in the TDS/TCS return match will the corresponding details provided by the banks, the challan is shown as matched as the payment claimed to have been made by you is also validated by bank.
2.Match Failed: In this case CIN given in your TDS/TCS return is found in the bank data. But the TAN and/or amount as given in your return against this CIN do not match with the TAN and/or amount given against this challan by the bank.
3.Match Pending: In this case, the CIN as given in your statement is not available in the CIN details provided by the banks.
PAN Bases Inconsistencies: The PAN ledger of each deductee is credited with the TDS/TCS as provided in your return provided the PANs of the deducted have been given by you in the return. So if you have given incorrect PANs then Deparment can not credit TDS/TCS in the deductee Ledger.

1.PANs not mentioned in the return: (Collect the PANs of deductees not mentioned in the return and prepare a correction return for the same.)
2.PANs listed as “not in ITD database”: (At this case, the respective entry should be tracked in the return and PAN of the deductee should be verified. On getting the correct PAN, correction statement should be filed accordingly.)
Rectify these inconsistencies.

1.If deductor has made any mistake/s in his TDS/TCS returns he can rectify them by filing a correction statement.
2.If the bank has made any mistake in the amount or name or major head code given by them against your CIN, they can rectify them. Deductor can give a written application for the same addressed to the branch manager.
3.If the bank has made any mistake in TAN or CIN you will have to contact your TDS Assessing Officers. Deductor can give a written application for the same addressing to Assessing Officer.
4.If bank has not uploaded your challan, then Deductor may request the bank to upload the same.
Analyzing the challan status and Action required:

Challan Status Error in Statement Error in Challan details uploaded by the BANK / incorrect TAN provided by deductor in challan Action to be taken by deductor w. r. t. challan details
Challan fully Matched No
No action
Match Failed (Amount does not match) Yes
File correction statement
Match Failed (Amount does not match) No
Contact Bank
Match Failed (Different TAN in challan and statement) Yes
File correction statement
Match Failed (Different TAN in challan and statement) No
Contact Assessing Officer
Match Failed (Amount + TAN mismatch) Yes
File correction statement
Match Failed (Amount + TAN mismatch) No
Contact Assessing Officer for TAN and Bank for Amount
Match Pending (CIN in statement not found in bank data) Yes
File correction statement
Match Pending No
Contact Assessing Officer

Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 06 January 2011


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