20 January 2020 at 16:04

192A Query in ePortal

I have intimations in Compliance section in efiling portal related to PF withdrawl in FY 2013-14 & 2014-15.
This happens for less than 5 years of service. Now, parallely, there are no ITRs filed for these two years.
How to respond to this situation. Portal is allowing to submit old returns So, I should take PF amount withdrawn and Form 16 income and then file return. Any views from experts....most welcome.
Thanks, Sunil

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26 December 2019 at 20:39

Gift deed regarding

Dear Sir ,


for execution of gift deed how much non judicial stamp paper is required in the state of Odisha .

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How is the taxability on conversion of warrant into share done. Is there any case law that can be referred.

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19 December 2019 at 15:16

Application for Compounding

With reference to Circular No. 25/2019, dated 09.09.2019 _ Re: Compounding of Offences u/s. 276B r.w.s. 278B of the I.T. Act, 1961

Could you please help me with the link of 23 point new application for Compounding for companies and its directors.

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17 December 2019 at 10:53

TDS Query

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We have a advocate on contractual employee and paying monthly salary Rs. 40,000/-,
now my question is which section TDS will be applicable i.e. TDS on Contract - 94C = 1% or TDS on Professional 94J = 10%.??

Pandurang Jadhav

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10 December 2019 at 17:12

Tax on Kusan Vikas Patra by post office

Can we pay income tax on KVP after maturity if investment or do we have to pay very year?Kisan Vikas Patra investment through post office scheme , the money invested doubles after about 9 years giving about 7.9 percent annual interest.No TDS is deducted , just payout is given and individual has to pay tax as per his tax slab.If the tax can be paid on maturity it will benefit the taxpayer because after 9 years tax slab may increase or person may be retired so instead of being in 30 percent tax slab , person may be in 10 percent slab.Do we have a choice to pay tax only on maturity or do we have to pay every year doing self calculation on tax amount amount of interest earned on basis of a KVP certificate we are holding but not really getting any money in bank.?Also if the KVP deposit is broken earlier before maturity then interest earned is different so how do we calculate interest amount on yearly basis when person is not sure if KVP deposit is going to be encashed only after maturity.

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05 December 2019 at 10:02

Claim Refund of Deceased Assessee

One of my assesse died in A.Y 2016-17 and his legal heir had filed his return with refund in ITR. But due to his account closure, refund is not received. Can his legal heir claim his refund now.

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Dear Experts,I am doing GST registered business. While registration to Choose Return Type REGULAR later date... I have changed to COMPOSITION type with quarterly return... after one year I have changed REGULAR.... In this all I had filed return regularly.... But now I have received notice from CBDT return default u/s.46. during the period of COMPOSITION with quarterly return... kindly Advise ... What I have to do on this.

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16 November 2019 at 14:44


I am likely to join my PPF & ESIC, so my query is that when i am joining these both security schemes i am a resident of india, but later within the maturity period if i become a NRI, can i deposit the monthly amount and withdraw after the maturity period being a NRI after joining.

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I filed revised returns for 2017-18_Q4, before filing revised returns in original TDS returns challan amount excess, at the time filing some of the deductee does not have valid PAN, at the time of revised returns I adjusted excess amount to remaining deductees who does not have pan at the time original returns, after filing the revised returns, the returns rejected and reason is as follows:-Validate for total amount of tax deposited,

Note:- Above returns both original and revised returns filed in income tax efiling website. Give me valid suggestion for acceptance of revised returns.

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