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Delay in Submitting Form 108 by Articled Assistant

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11 June 2024 I've completed my Articleship Training during March 2021. Due to Covid pandemic, I'm unable to submit Form 108 and after that due to personal reasons it got delayed and now (11.06.2024) I am submitting my Form 108 with Fine. But, my Principal suggests it may be cancelled and I need to pursue fresh Articleship Training again for 3 years. Please suggest me a better idea.

06 July 2024 If you have completed your Articleship Training and are submitting Form 108 after a delay, here are some steps you can consider to resolve the situation:

1. **Submit Form 108 with Fine**: Since you are submitting Form 108 now, proceed with paying the applicable fine for the delay. This step is crucial to formalize the completion of your Articleship.

2. **Explanation and Justification**: Provide a clear and honest explanation in your Form 108 about the reasons for the delay. Mention the Covid-19 pandemic and any personal reasons that contributed to the delay in submission.

3. **Consult with ICAI**: It's advisable to consult with the local branch or regional office of ICAI where you are submitting Form 108. They can provide guidance specific to your case and clarify any doubts regarding cancellation or continuation.

4. **Supporting Documentation**: Include any supporting documents, such as medical certificates or other relevant proofs, if applicable, to substantiate the reasons for the delay.

5. **Follow-Up**: After submitting Form 108, follow up with the ICAI or the concerned authorities to ensure they have received your submission and to inquire about the status of your application.

**Seek Professional Advice**: If there are complexities or uncertainties, consider seeking advice from a qualified professional, such as a practicing Chartered Accountant who is familiar with ICAI procedures.

Regarding your Principal's suggestion about potential cancellation and needing to pursue fresh Articleship, it's important to note that cancellation is typically considered in cases of serious misconduct or failure to comply with ICAI regulations over an extended period. Delay in submission, especially due to valid reasons like the pandemic, does not usually lead to cancellation outright, but it may incur fines or penalties.

By submitting Form 108 now and ensuring all required procedures are followed, you should be able to regularize your Articleship completion.

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