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22 March 2021 at 16:54

VAT returns

Hi All

Liability for FY 2016-17 under VAT had been paid under amnesty scheme.
Returns for FY 2016-17 could not be filed as due date was over.
Now client wish to file returns. Can it be done now?

Thanks in advance.

17 March 2021 at 15:20

J1 and J2-TIN update

Hi All

Can J1 and J2 be updated for FY 2014-15 to FY 2017-18-TIN for customers now in FY 20-21?

Thanks in advance.

What is the vat % on bar liquor (licensee holder) sale in Assam????
If possible please send notification


25 February 2021 at 15:55

Indirect Tax

Form F where is available , where can i download ( Karnataka website)

25 February 2021 at 15:24

Form F

Where is available Form F and website address .kindly explain ( Place Karnataka to Mumbai - Stock Transfer)

22 February 2021 at 11:10


who are the peoples requiring mvat audit under mvat law.....and what is expemption for petrol pumps for fy 19-20?

17 February 2021 at 15:08

Regarding ITC on purchase

I am a dealer of packing material Registered in UP VAT and purchased the goods from UP against Tax Invoice.

Further I sold the goods against form H to a manufacturer in UP who export their finished goods by using packing material supplied by me. and He issued form H to me

I have no any other sale and purchase except above

now my question is
May I got the refund of ITC or tax paid on purchase ?

Plz advice

14 February 2021 at 17:53

Notice from DVAT Department

Dear Sir/Mam,
I received a Notice from DVAT Department on non compliance of Assessment from FY 2013 - 14 onwards.
In that, they are asking Tax and Interest on Non Submission of C Forms.
I have all C forms, but due to some reason assessment couldn't be done.
Please guide what to do and how to reply on that Notice.

Thanking You

Dear Expert,

Kindly guide me if my party have not paid the sale tax demand in FY 2013-14 assessment.

Amit Rathi