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17 February 2021 at 15:08

Regarding ITC on purchase

I am a dealer of packing material Registered in UP VAT and purchased the goods from UP against Tax Invoice.

Further I sold the goods against form H to a manufacturer in UP who export their finished goods by using packing material supplied by me. and He issued form H to me

I have no any other sale and purchase except above

now my question is
May I got the refund of ITC or tax paid on purchase ?

Plz advice

14 February 2021 at 17:53

Notice from DVAT Department

Dear Sir/Mam,
I received a Notice from DVAT Department on non compliance of Assessment from FY 2013 - 14 onwards.
In that, they are asking Tax and Interest on Non Submission of C Forms.
I have all C forms, but due to some reason assessment couldn't be done.
Please guide what to do and how to reply on that Notice.

Thanking You

Dear Expert,

Kindly guide me if my party have not paid the sale tax demand in FY 2013-14 assessment.

Amit Rathi

12 February 2021 at 17:08



We have supplied material to our X party in FY 10-11 with VAT 12.5% & after year completion we have filled our 704 for that period but in 704 Annexure J1 we have not mentioned party wise J1 i.e. outward supply ,Total amount shown in 704 as a Local Tax & after customer requirements we have filled Annexure J1 in FY 16-17 party wise TIN mentioned , but one party we have put wrong TIN in number in Annexure J1 now the problem is we have filled / paid VAT for this period but our X party not reflected Vat credit because wrong VAT Tin number so what we can do....????

We request you Please help us to sort out....

My client has given his bus on lease to APSRTC during 2016-17 and received hire charges of Rs. 22.00 lacs. The Commercial Taxes authoritiers at Srikakulam issued notice proposing levy of tax at 14.5%. The applicable rate of tax is 1% or 14.5%?

What is the time bar limit for Assessment for FY 2011-12 under Maharashtra VAT?

I am in one company which is located in Rajkot ( Gujarat ), This company has done sales in different location in india in year 2015-16. This Sales is done by C - Form in year 2015-16. But for in this year 2015-16,

We have sale to one party which is located in Delhi. and Such party has send C - form to our Mumbai ( Sales - Office ). But C - form not received by us. It lost in Transist. So, We need such C form from party. and Party ready to gives us fresh C From. But party has demanded following document as per CST Law.

1. FIR Copy
2. Advertisement in Two News Paper,
3. Indemnity Bond in Stamp paper.

So, My Question is Where should I file FIR ( Rajkot or Mumbai ) and Where should i Give advertisement in news paper ( Rajkot or Mumbai ). ?

Please help me to resolve my query.

Dear sir

I had sold a mould to a manufacturer against C form in the year 2014-15 and deposited the CST @ 2%. The Excise & Taxation department not accepting the C form against this sale and forced to us deposited the tax as local Vat tax rate,

Is interstate sale of mould against c form is invalid ? or not kindly provide any clarification.


15 January 2021 at 14:39

Appeal against Assessment order

I need confirm that whether an application in Form 311 is necessary to file along with Form 310. Our assessment order is resulted into refund and we are going to appeal for higher refund. Please guide Form 311 is for stay of recovery.

05 January 2021 at 19:47

Revising j1 j2 in 704

Hello .I had already filed 704 Vat report for last quarter 17-18,but certain invoices were recieved late but i missed out taking the credit .Can i revise my j2 annexure now and if yes what and how much will be the penalty for such revision.