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Regarding AICITSS (advanced itt and mcs)

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10 January 2024 I have query regarding requirement of AICITSS as I passed out in recent result and I had already completed my ITT and GMCS training as I am registered under old course of CPT/PCC/Final scheme and later I was converted to New Course.
I will be glad to receive valuable guidance regarding above isssue.

10 July 2024 Based on your query regarding the requirement of Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS), here’s some guidance tailored to your situation:

### Understanding AICITSS Requirement:

1. **Old Course Conversion to New Course:**
- You mentioned being registered under the old course (CPT/PCC/Final scheme) and later converting to the New Course of Chartered Accountancy (CA).

2. **Completion of ITT and GMCS:**
- Under the old scheme, ITT (Information Technology Training) and GMCS (General Management and Communication Skills) were mandatory components.
- It's important to note that under the New Course, these have been replaced by AICITSS.

### AICITSS Requirement:

- **For Conversion to New Course:** If you have converted to the New Course of CA, you are required to complete the AICITSS as per the requirements laid down by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

- **Completion Timeline:** Typically, AICITSS needs to be completed after completing articleship and before appearing for the Final examination under the New Course.

### Specific Guidance for Your Situation:

Since you have already completed ITT and GMCS under the old scheme:
- **Confirmation Needed:** You should verify with your regional ICAI office or check your personal dashboard on the ICAI website to confirm if AICITSS has been automatically credited to you due to your previous completion of ITT and GMCS.
- **Documentation:** Ensure you have all certificates and documentation related to ITT and GMCS readily available. These may be required as proof of completion when applying or verifying your AICITSS status.

### Steps to Take:

1. **Check Status:** Log in to your ICAI account and check your education details or contact the regional office to verify your AICITSS status.

2. **Completion Certificate:** If AICITSS is not automatically credited, you may need to apply or submit documentation to confirm your completion.

3. **Timeline Consideration:** Ensure that you comply with any deadlines for AICITSS completion to avoid any issues with your eligibility for appearing in the Final examination under the New Course.

### Professional Advice:

If you encounter any discrepancies or uncertainties regarding your AICITSS requirement or status, consider consulting with a qualified CA or contacting the ICAI directly for clarification. They can provide specific guidance based on your individual circumstances and ensure compliance with the requirements under the New Course structure.

By proactively verifying your AICITSS status and fulfilling any outstanding requirements, you can streamline your path towards completing the CA Final examination under the New Course successfully.

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