It's too hot so y don't face it with some cool stuff !!

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (   (16631 Points)

21 June 2012  

It's too hot so Y don't face it with some cool stuff !!


Hey friends wassup ??

It's been a long time since I have posted anything on CCI. I really doubt that new members w'd even recognise me frown...

So I again introduce myself to my CCItes. I am Pulkit,student by profession and a writer by passion smiley. I have posted some articles (35+) on  general topics and all of them were well received by my friends yes. Infact I created a new category where I used to merge daily life themes with CA life wink. This platform has given me, respect and even awarded me with Fav. of the Club . 

After being active for 2 years I became inactive due to some other commitments. Now I am back and don't want to start with any study stuff. Yaar abhi toh exams khatam hue hai CA nd CS ke. Kuch toh relax karocool (Achha thoda padh lena...kuch apne padhaku doston ka bhi dhyaan rakhna hota hai devil ...)

Watch Euro Cup, listen some cool music, watch movies, hangout with friends and read novels...


Yes I am not asking to read some serious stuff. But how abt. a RomCom or thriller or any other good stuff....

I am a hardcore Durjoy and Chetan Bhagat Fan. I am sharing the list of some good novels I have read in past 7 years or so. You can go through it or can add your stuff to it...

I think dats enough for today infact tonite warna log kahenge phir article chep gaya devil...

Work hard and keep smiling


Pulkit Gupta

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