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Role of Music in CA

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)

29 December 2010  




 You must be thinking that I have gone crazy. Hw z Music related with CA???

 Ok lemme give you some examples:-

1.   Is that ever happened with you that you are trying to concentrate very hard in understanding any concept of Law or IT&SM but who couldn’t do it.

2.  You are studying for past 2 hrs but your effective study is 0.

3.  You are feeling very stressed and lacking the mindset required for CA study.

Music can help you to overcome the above mentioned problems. How?? That only we are going to discuss in this article!!

So let’s start our Musical Journey…..

 Music – A Perfect Stress Buster

        Life of a C.A. Student is full of stress and anxiety. He has to make balance between his office i.e. Articleship + Coaching + Self-Study + Personal. No need to explain, you can easily analyze when you are in hurry to reach the office thinking of some of your personal tensions and then the whole day hectic schedule where there is no time to relax and release your stress. If you are doing your Articleship in a Metropolitan city like Delhi, then to add to your worries are noise pollution & air pollution leading to a whole distress and discomfort. 

·        Music is a great way to relive your day to day stress. Music’s ubiquity and portability has made it the number one stress buster. It is a matter of fact that everyone on this earth has an inclination towards listening good quality music. 

Music of Nature 

This part is very close to my heart. Actually I believe that Music is not only what comes from a CD player. But natural sounds like chirping of birds, water flowing in a river, smooth blowing of wind and movement of leaves constitute Music.

 Whenever I feel low and finds difficult to concentrate I spend time at a quiet place listening to sound of nature and thereby gains energy to perform my work….

 Music creates new pathways in Brain

According to me Music increases our Reasoning and Analytical skills but for a short period lasting may be few hours. Music seems to prime our brains for certain kinds of thinking. After listening to classical music, adults can do certain spatial tasks more quickly, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Earning to play an instrument may have an even longer effect on certain thinking skills.

Many people also believe that any music you respond to positivelywill work for you, regardless of its content.

 Musical Combo of Meditation with Chanting(a form of Music)


 Well I got it’s inspiration from a Yoga program of Baba Ramdev. He was asking people to chant OM as a measure to Meditation. The real concept behind this was, Music is produced from sound, and sound affects our sense perception in many ways. Yoga believes that the heart and other organs of the body vibrate at particular sound frequencies. It has positive effect on you if you suffer from some pain or stress. It seems to soothe both the mind and the body.

Some Songs that you may try as Stress Buster (My own experience)

 1.     Pehla Nasha (Jo Jeeta vo hi sikander)

2.     Hero (Enrique)

3.     Mohabbat Kabhi Maine (Sonu Nigam Album)

4.     Deewana (Sonu Nigam Album)

5.     Hoshwalon ko khabar kya (Sarfarosh)

6.     My Heart will go on (Titanic)

7.     Any Kumar Sanu song

8.     Classical or old songs

 So this ends my Musical Article. I hope you must have enjoyed it and will apply it in Ca. As usual will wait for your comments….!!

 Pulkit Gupta

 pulkit_1988 @ rediffmail.com


 72 Replies

Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010


yup !  i too 100% agree with you bro.

Listening music creates new pathway in brain,

Its  one of easiest way to avoid stress & work pressure,

Listening to Classical musics helps to enhance analytical skills

i  too like  Listening music everyday day...atleast for half an hour.


oKy  let me mention some of my Favourite ( Evergreen ) songs :-


1) All Songs of  Kishor Kumar & Mohammed Rafi  Sahab

2) All songs of old Anand Movie

3) Hanuman Chalisa ( great one for Stress buster and gaining positive energy with in you it has some magical inspiration power)

4) Myne dil se Kaha ( Rog, its one my Fav song for Ever )

4) Kisee  roj tumse Mulakath hogi ( Pardes)

5) Nahi saamne alag bat hai ( Taal)

6) Pehla nasha ' as you already mentioned

7) Sandesh aathe hai ( border)

8) Abh muje raath din ( sonu nigam )

9) Give me some sunshine ( 3 Idiots) & many more...


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Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15528 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

Realy true Pulkit bhai, realy true,nice explanation,thanku.
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CA Dauzi Pathan Imran Khan (Chartered Accountant in Practise)   (1678 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

I Love to dance to country music, if I got stressed..!!!

I will also do some push ups or sit ups when I got over tensed...!!!

But Love to listen melody songs before sleeping...!!!!

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Vikas Gupta (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (16295 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

Fully agree with u Pulkit..Keep sharing

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Sandeep Pandey (CA FINAL) (1306 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

Originally posted by : Saritha and Vikas
Fully agree with u Pulkit..Keep sharing
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Vikash Maheshwari (learner) (6358 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

yes thts cent percent true pulkit...........music does help overcome stress...........takes us to another world.I myself love to listen to all kinds of music but my all tym favourite is KISHORE KUMAR.......can listen to him all day,all night...man of so many moods........and there is one song which i'd like to share tht gives me extra push....."yeh honsla"frm d movie dor........i guess it's meant for us,the students of CA.......anyways thanx a lot for yet another great post............keep shariing............

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ayushee dey (CA Final Student) (161 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

music is really da stress buster........

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priyanka (CA Final student) (895 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

thanx pulkit....once again

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CA. SANAT PYNE (F.C.A. & M.COM) (16757 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010


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Madhura (CS Trainee) (461 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

Yeah Agree!! Music is soothing and not disturbing when you are solving some numericals.

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CMA.Manikanta (Grad-CMA &CA-Final) (314 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010


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Dheeraj Sondhiya (CA- IPCC) (184 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

Yaa i am fully agreed with all of u that music plays a vital role to overcome mental stress even some  researches also resulted that listening to music is best way to avoid tension............

I also used to listen music daily some of my favorited songs are :

1. Aaoge jab tum sajana ..(Jab we Met)

2. Jindingi do pal ki intezar kab ..(Kites)

3. Mora piya.(Rajneeti)

4. Old songs of Mod. Rafi & Kishore Kumar.

5. Some gazals of Jagjit Singh and all.

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Pratibha Sharma (CA-FINAL ; B.COM(H)) (116 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

yup.. u r rite buddy.. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS..  there is not any substitute 4 music as a stress buster..  after all i feel NO MUSIC, NO LYF..... in fact I m crazy about dance as well n it is d best part of my lyf...

thnx 4 sharing something direct my heart....:-)

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CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114102 Points)
Replied 29 December 2010

Correct Observation Pulkit....

Music has its importance in study. Music is a blessing of "MAA SARASWATI" and so is study. Music is like a truse friend which stay with us during our good and bad times. Music doubles our happines when we listen to it in happy moments and ist reduces or sorrow when we are sad.

I myself used to listen some inspiring and energetic songs in between my studies. It really made me focus lot more and bring some energy back. My list---

1) Lakshya ko har haal mai pana hai....(Lakshya)

2) Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe.....(Lakshya)

3) Jindagi har kadam ik nayi Jung hai......(Meri Jung)

4) Ruk Janan Nahi........(Imtehan)

5) I am the best……..(Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani)

6) Woh sikander hi dosto kehlata hai….(Jo jeeta wahi sikander)

7) Jo soche jo chahe woh kar ke dikhade....(Do aur do paach)

8) Yeh hosla kaise jhuke…(Dor)

9) Aashayein Aashayein…(Iqbal)

10) Chak de India…kuch kariye...(Chak de India)

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