7 Things you can learn from Guru Movie

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10 December 2010  




# 9th Dec, 7PM  --  After completing  my Investment Series and replying to the comments posted by the members I am thinking about the topic of my new series and also switiching the channels. Hey wats that ....Wow :D...Sahara Filmy is telecasting my favourite  movie Guru :)!!

I hope all that of you have seen this masterpiece by Mani Ratnam in which Abhishek plays the brilliant role of Gurukant Desai. One can learn a lot from his character in this movie.

Wait a minute .... yes ...... this can be the topic for my next article. Let me watch it again and see if can find something useful for you.

# 10.40PM --  Just finished the movie and recalling all the points so that I can compile them in the form of an article .

# 10.52PM .. Ok then without wasting any more time I s'd come straight to the point. But before writing good things  about the character I want to warn you that don't follow the negative points of Guru like encouraging corruption etc. I will mention only good points about him becoz he is our hero aur hero hamesha sahi hota hai  .... Samjhe !!  ;)


(1) Circumstances always favor you. The only point is how you take it ? 


Be wise!


< First, do not deny the existence of things that seem to hinder and oppose you—for, of course, there are circumstances which hinder your success and conditions which oppose your progress. Second, do not attempt to plow through circumstances and conditions. Instead, overcome them—that is, "come over them" into success.

< Nothing was in the favour of Guru when he comes to city to start his business . He was stopped from doing business , had less money and his wife with him but then also reached the ladder of success. This is not filmy as you have seen this in the case of great Dhirubhai Ambani  . " Samay tumhare anukul hota nahi hai balki usse anukul banana padhta hai "


(2) Have Hope and Belief in yourself

If you want to succeed, you’ve got to believe; and most importantly in yourself.Hope is the first step in overcoming. It inspires you to go forward. It saves you from depression and discouragement. It makes you persist in finding a way of switching around hindering circumstances, and lifts you up to overcome them.

< Stop for just a moment and consider this truth. Your attitude about yourself is part of your attitude for success. No matter what you seek to achieve, your attitude is a vital part of that success. Your attitude about yourself, your potential, your ability, your unique capacity to achieve, will in large part set the limits on what you do achieve.

<A person with a strong sense of self-confidence is happier with their life because they believe in themselves. Your accomplishments will give you satisfaction and enhance your self-confidence. "Self-confidence and a belief in yourself is a must. To instill confidence in others, you first must have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. Give yourself that gift. Most of the men and women throughout time who have accomplished what they set out to do have believed in themselves even when others did not.

(3) Do not listen to those who do not believe in you

<Other people are going to tell you that you cannot achieve what you seek to achieve. They will tell you that you do not have the ability, the potential, the skill, the drive. If you listen to them you will not. You will fail. Do not listen to naysayers. Do not listen to those who do not believe in you. Listen to yourself and tell yourself that you will succeed and you will achieve what you set out to do.

<Guru was criticized by everyone including his father.His senior in Turkey told him that he can't achieve anything by working for himself , Mathuradas told him that he will not get permission to start the business and Contractor told him that he can't reach beyond this limit .  But in the end it was he who went pass everyone !!

<In the words of Guru " Agar log tumhare khilaf bolne lage toh samjho tarakki kar rahe ho"

(4) You need someone to share the success with

< You can enjoy success only when you have your loved ones to share with. So never ignore your  family, love your parents  and never let your best buddies to go away.

In the words of Guru " Tum saath ho to saari duniya jeet lunga par tum nahin toh kuch bhi nahin"


(5) Go with your gut


<Today i read a wonderful article submitted by our Ankur Bhaiya that we are the one who can take decision for ourselves. We are the master of our own destiny. 

No matter who you are, making a decision that can completely change your life is completely scary. You can never know what crossroad is the right choice to take until it’s too late to turn back.

<“The best road to take is the road that forces you to believe in yourself and forces you to keep hope close and tests your hope and belief along the way.”

“What if my gut is wrong?”

Well yes, it will certainly happen; you’re going to make a decision that will be wrong. But what it won’t be, is stupid, as long as you learn from it and it pushed you to believe in yourself.

(6) Knowledge is more important than Education

Gurukant Desai was neither a CA nor a MBA but he was the best man in his business. You know why ???.....Because he had complete knowledge about his business . 

<Guru is the story of a boy who goes to Turkey to work in a petroleum company after failing his school exams back home in a small Gujarat village. With sheer hard work Gurukant Desai rises in ranks and gets promotion. But Guru is a man of big vision. He quits his job in Turkey and comes back to Gujarat to start some business of his own.

(7) Don't believe in personal growth only

< Guru is the story of a man who believed not only in personal growth and personal success, but in empowering the very people who contributed to his success. A man who understood that the growth of an enterprise, a company, a corporation must reflect not only in its owner's personal growth and success, but in the growth and success of its every shareholder.

< Case of Caclubindia -- It is a platform where people share their knowledge with others without expecting anything in return . It means people here doesn't believe in personal growth only but they also want others to grow from their knowledge and experience. 


(C) Conclusion

< So by taking the example of Guru I tried to share the qualities one most possess to achieve success. 

< I rate it as my best article till date and I really need your comments on this article....

< With this I conclude my first part of this series.... yes series .....

Name of this series " 7 things you can learn from" . This is just the beginning with more articles to follow ...

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