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14 January 2011  




*Actually this word is inspired from the common mode of transport in villages.  

* Jugaad is a synonym of INNOVATION . 

* It also means to adjust according to the situation 

*Anything that we do or any means which we adopt to get a job done is also know as Jugaad.


* India is a land of young and intelligent brain and people also says that we have the best talents in the world. But you know why??

The main reason for that is people of India possess an additional quality of JUGAADU . It means they know how to get a work done.  It is a symbol for lateral thinking across India and a never say die attitude. 

*The single who pulls the rabbit out of cap is infact a Jugaadu. He is very much like you and me but when u quits his work starts and when he works everyone else watches. Ab tum log kahoge ki Pulkit Bhai example do toh suno.....

Bhai main toh films se hi example deta hoon aur ab main bta raha hoon Namastey London ke baare mein : - 

Katrina ki gaadi kharab thi tab apna Akki bike pe aaya gaadi mein kuch kara aur gaddi start i.e. a true Jugaadu. Gaadi bhi set aur ladki ka baap bhi  ;).

* There is a bit of Jugaadu in all of us.  


* Yes I truly believe that Strategic Management and Jugaad are interrelated. You don't need to do MBA to be a good Strategist but a bit of Jugaad is all what u require !!

*People say that Arindam Chaudhari is Mgmt. Guru or XYZ is the God of Management but according to me the biggest Strategist which the world has seen is Krishna ji and for the details of his jugaad  refer my Article " Strategic Management from Mahabharata ". Bhishma was not defeteable so he asked Yudhistira to go to him and ask his weak point (Yaani Bhishma ko maarne ka jugaad) , Pandava group was weak so  he adopted the policy of Merger i.e. Jugaad by marrying Pandava and their sons with the daughter of  Kings of other states (forming ally) and many more.

*80% of Indian Businessman said Jugaad was the key reason for their success. I will not discuss whether it was ethical or unethical. Kyunki Jugaad to aakhir jugaad hota hai. 

*Gurukant Desai (Abhishek Bacchan of Guru) was the master of Jugaad. The licence-permit raj made it impossible for him to progress legally, so he exploited the corruption of the system. He exported junk to get profitable import entitlements. He imported huge textile machines as spare parts. Though it was immoral but a gr8 example of creativity...

Refer My Article " 7 Things you can learn from Guru".


* Each one of us has applied a bit of Jugaad in our life whether knowingly or unknowingly...!!

*Test Cricket mein Night watch man bhejna is jugaad to save your top player from being out at the close of play. Ya kisi bowler ko as a Pitch Hitter Bhejna is also jugaad. Zaheer got injured during match and can't bowl his overs so asking Raina ya Rohit Sharma to bowl his quota of overs is also an e.g. of Jugaad.

*B.com ke exams mein using Model Papers to get passing marks is an e.g. of Jugaad.

*Matter kam hai to Article mein pic dalke compensate karna is also a jugaad. If you don't know English of a particular word then using Hindi and then saying that I have used Hinglish is also a kind of Jugaad.;)

*CA exam mein kisi group mein aggregate kam hai toh doosre group se compnesate karna bhi ek jugaad hai i.e. 140 + 160 = Banda Pass.:)

*In Politics if your party doesn't have a majority then forming a coalition govt. with the help of your opposition is also an e.g. of Jugaad. For e.g. Once in UP, BJP and BSP formed a coalition Govt. despite of contesting against each other.:)  

*Copying a song from west in the name of inspiration is also....

*3 Idiots mein Aamir ne delivery karayi through Jugaad.

*Last but not the least Ladki patane ke liye uski best frnd. ko patana is also a form of Jugaad .

With this I wish all of you best of luck for ur results ...... 

This completes my Jugaadu article and now to make it a hit I am posting it's link to my friends only (Jugaad


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