Target- Nov.11

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11 August 2011  


Target- Nov.11

Aug 11, 2.53 pm 

Only you can help youself

SO finally I am back to my hometown after getting myself registered for finals. Wow what a week it has been. Consecutive days of happiness – first my b’day followed by a +ve PCC result. After this short moment of success and being promoted to another step of this esteemed profession the only question I was asking to myself was – “What next”??

Some of the expected answers of above question are:-

“Share some tips with others so that they don’t repeat the mistakes that u have done in ur attempts”

“Don’t share anything with anyone and just focus on ur finals like most of the successful candidates”      

But as usual I have something different to come up with. I wanna discuss a crucial topic which usually affect’s an individual performance if he is giving his second or third attempt – “Log kya sochenge??” ya “Main apni family ki umeed pe khada nahi ho paya” or similar negative thoughts.     

Lemme tell you that no one on this earth can guide you to overcome failure or on road to success. SO it’s of no use to discuss that I have done this or dat so clear my attempt coz the thing that have worked for me may prove suicidal for u. Yaar every child is different and hw come I know what are ur strong points and where r u lacking. For help on this issue you s’d contact your teacher. Waise bhi you s’d not experiment in this crucial period but focus on ur weakness.

Aur tum kahan weak ho ye tumse accha koi nahi jaanta.

Change in people’s perspective

So coming back to basic pro i.e. society which comprises of friends, relatives and some nobody who have no other work but to criticize others. These people have a general tendency to come up with questions like- “Kya raha”?? or “ Yaar result was so good den y did u flunked??” or “Aur kitne saal lagenge?” .   

Don’t let these questions affect ur preperations coz we people have very less time to come up again thanks to late results & early exams. Arrey hum pe in faltoo logo ke faltoo sawalon pe react karne ka tym kahan hai !!

Lemme tell you people views changes with ur fortune. People suffer from Ghazini problem, “Short term memory loss”.

 The day u’ll clear they will be the first one to congratulate you. One of my relative openly made fun of my failure and even asked my father to arrange 8-10 lakhs for my MBA coz I don’t have potential to do CA. And guess what!!

HE was the first one to congratulate me and his words were, “This result was formality for me. I always have faith in you and knew that u were going to clear this time.”

He also informed others about my +ve result.

Ab batao kya iss society ki tension lene ki jaroorat hai??  

What to do den???

You don’t need to anything different or extra-ordinary. If you need notes then you can surf CCI website for the same (I won’t suggest you to change book or your way of study). People like Rahul Bansal or Balu Sir will help you for the same. If you need some inspiration then you can go through articles of Ankur Garg bhaiya or can contact Surendra Sir. If you need someone to answer your individual subject queries then you can ask the same on Sneha’s community. Stay away from –ve people and if you have some extra time then spend that time with your loved ones to gain +ve energy and last but not the least keep faith in God and ICAI . There is no point in discussing results or criticizing our holy institute. One more thing is no matter whatever happens ur parents will always support you. Aur chahe tum 1st attempt paas ho ya ab pass ho vo barabar khush honge.  

So keep faith in youself and perform well. All the best. Chak DE !!   

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