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Innocence is a virtue...never let it go with flowheart smiley

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Sometimes it hurts so much ......

Cs  final imp topics

Regaining myself

Make a ton of mistakes

Costing exam prep

Accounts ipcc grp 1

section   54GB 

Be  Passionate

  Sole selling agent

System development life cycle

Isca :- the beginning.

Forex part 4

Study trauma

Thanks a ton for making me ladli of cci heart

complete SM Notes

5 ways to keep d stress away

10 interview ques u should never ask.......

  • Forex

Regulation for preferential issue

Exams phobia wink

5 things must avoid during exams crying

Tips to score rank part 2

Audit of fixed assets

Tips to score rank ....... :)

Board meeting (case study)

Cs executive notes .....

Be passionate ......

Committing suicide ......!!!!!!

Sap transaction codes ....

Starting of mission nov 12

Mission possible nov 12

The competition act 2002

Isca notes ...

Imp q for costing may 12 for final .....

2 min for me .... ?

Pcc preparation part 2

Exam style part 1 for (PCC)

Family says  leave ca

For every person in my life

7 tips for cv

Important points

A biggg thanksssssss to allll :-)

half tax complete...

The real success story ....

My belated one year.....

100 years of delhi

Business communication

The code of civil procedure (cpc)

Cs exe notes

Computer training in cs

Wealth tax part 2

Giving up exams......

Accept d defeat !!!!!!!!!!

Wealth tax act part1

 Criminal penal order ..

 Rti ; an overview

Cost n fm notes for pcc/ipcc

Law notes for ipcc/pcc

 Audit pcc/ipcc notes                                  

Accounts pcc notes

Accounts notes ...

I forget everything i learn

How to concentrate when ....

Mazak ki bhi had hoti h ....

Marginal costing .....

CA is not my dream .....?????

Inter -company loans and investments

Improve business english

I am so .......broken >>>>

I am in pain

My handwriting...

A girl doing CA .... rejected ?

see d positivity in every1 ...everywhere...


Board meeting thanks to all :-)

Creative study

Time for eye care

Revision during exam days

Director identification no

Are you really handicapped

A req to all seniors

Did i achieved anything ???

My all old wrk ...:)

Easy option or easy life ?

chess and examsss!!!!!!!

Age and CA

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