Feb 8 - A day full of emotions for me !!

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09 February 2011  



Feb 8 - A day full of emotions for me !!


Excerpts from my Diary

Feb 9, 9.13 Pm 

Burden of Expectations

Tomorrow morning I'll leave for Delhi to get the examination forms for PCE- Group II and the latest edition of Taxation book (In accordance with Finance Act, 2010). It has been a very long day for me. The main reason for that was the outcome of the result of my PCC exam that was announced on Feb 8.

People had huge expectations from me and all my friends from CCI were waiting for my results. I had the burden of the tag name of an Inspirational writer of CCI. But to be honest I am neither Deepak Chopra nor Shiv Khera. I am a normal student (or an average student) just like any other student of CA. Sometimes I will fall and sometimes will succeed.  And I can write on failure because I have tasted it. And Believe me failure increases the taste of success. And not only my CCI friends but my greater responsibility is towards my parents i.e. my father who has passed the last 2 years of his life as if he is doing CA. 

Relationship with CCI

I was introduced as a member in CCI family on 14th Feb.08 (Valentine's Day) but never been a gr8 contributor on it till last November. 16th October, 10 shocked me as I was diagnosed with 2nd stage of Dengue and was hospitalized due to same.  I remained hospitalized till 1st November and c’d not study for 15 days. Ek CA student acchi tarah jaanta hai ki last 1 month ki study kitni important hoti hai.  I had my 1st paper on 9th Nov and was about to quit this attempt. Then I referred articles of Ankur Bhaiya and Surendra Sir and files posted by oders and it encouraged me to write my papers and finally I appeared for both groups.

After my exams I decided to strong my relation with CCI and became an active member. In return I got life-long friends, loving Bro’s and Cute Sis.  I started getting appreciation for my work and then started a community with the name of Learn along with fun on the idea of Sneha. It worked with help of friends like Deepak, Resham  Balu Sir, Palak  and many more.. My result will not effect my contribution on CCI and I will keep contributing on it.

Result Day

Finally our results were out. I cleared my 1st grp but flunked in 2nd by 2 Marks due to lack of revision in IT&SM. My good friends Resham, Priyanka, Naina, Sanyam,Danmesh, Pooja, Khushboo, Imran and many more cleared with flying colors and Sneha with AIR-4. I am very happy for them and wish them success in life. But I am satisfied with my performance and looking for the things that went wrong in 2nd Group. As Vikash and Khushboo said ki think the positive aspect that u cleared one when you were about to give up. Glass aadha bhara hua hai na ki aadha khaali. I passed in 1 group and not failed in one group.I don’t believe in comparing your success with others. Jo mila usse Bhagwan ka gift maanke accept karta hun aur baaki logo ki success se inspiration leta hun.

I hope people will like my work in future too. This was neither an article nor a post. It was just an Excerpt from my diary which covers my journey of last 4 months. This is dedicated to CCI and my friends.

I am not attaching my friend list as the persons to whom I will send the link are part of my CCI friends group and my respected seniors on this holy platform.

Love u all…..!!