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Nature our True Teacher!!

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)

01 January 2011  



(A) Appreciate the Beauty of Nature

Yaar it's so cold ??

Why is it so Hot??

It's raining so heavily outside!!

This is how a common man reacts to changing seasons or the cycle of nature. Actually it's not their mistake as they are too busy with their tight schedule to observe the beauty of Nature. Even I was the part of them till  2009 i.e. before visiting Kashmir. Yes after visiting this Heaven on Earth, I started to look at Nature with a complete different perspective.  So all that I am going to write is totally my experience about Nature and has not been copied from any website. 

So what I want to convey is take a day or few hours off from your schedule to experience nature. It will not only make you happy but will also enhance your ability and efficiency.Meeting with Nature is like Meeting with the God. 

Now Question Arises, "What do you mean by Nature" ?? 


Well according to me anything which is created by God is Nature. It is inspired from a very simple concept of system and surroundings from Thermodynamics (Chemistry & Physics). We are system and everything else is surroundings.

So Man is system and for us different creation of Nature is animals, insects, birds, fish, trees, grass, weeds, mountains, oceans, lakes etc. We can learn a lot from Nature too.

(C) Nature our Teacher

See, according to me each and every thing in this Universe has a purpose . If it has a purpose then definitely there must be some qualities abt. that particular creation of God that we can admire and learn from. So when I tried to focus on this point,  came to a conclusion that Nature is no different to other creation of God and there are lot of thing abt. it that we can admire. There is an eternity of lessons to be learned by observing nature in all of its glory and knowledge.

(i)  Equality --


We just a small creation of God differentiate people by their caste,creed,religion,prosperity etc. But look at the Sun which shines equally for all the people. It brings about climate changes and we have rains. Crops grow and we get our food. All these are done without expecting anything in return. 

Teaching - Treat each human being equally.

(ii) Adaptability -- 

To change with the change is adaptability.We have read in SM too that the basic objective of a Firm is survival. All the animals especially Camel is a gr8 example of adaptability. It exists in deserts and can survive for many days without water. So we s'd learn to survive in extremities without loosing our confidence. We s'd adapt to situations and condition which are laid before us.

Teaching - It is not the strongest of species which survive but the one which adapt according to changes.

(iii) Hard work & Team Work -- Ant is the best example of it. Just observe how it carries many times heavier weight to it. Vo Girti hai par phir khadi hoti hai but never give up. They solve big pro by working as team. 

Teaching - There is no substitute for Hard work and follow the principle 1+1 = 11.

(iv) To Forgive -- Well due to my busy schedule I sometimes forget to water my plants and then after  seeing them in droopy state I again water them. But you know what , after watering they again get back to their previous stage without complaining anything from me. It means they forgive me and start loving me again.

Teaching - This life is too short so pls forgive everyone and won as many hearts as possible.

(v) Generousity and Faithfulness - Cow and Dog are the best examples for this. Dog is always faithful to it's master and cow provides us with milk and manure. And what we do in return is to provide them with remained and unwanted food. Some people even kill cows for their skin. Pls treat them properly   


So with this Article I am taking a pause (break) from writing (as advised by my frnd. Murari)  for some period, but will be there to solve any of your queries. Arrey yaar ek mahine mein 14 Articles likhe hai toh break toh banta hai. It's 3.15 AM (1st Jan 2011) so I s'd sleep nw as I don't want to get late for my office on the first day of new year. 

Nd ya Happy New Year and your comments are awaited on my Article. 


Pulkit Gupta

pulkit_1988 @ rediffmail.com

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 43 Replies


Again the best article pulkit.......

Thanks & Keep Sharing


Happy New Year

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Nikhil Kothari (Chief Consultant at Nikhil & Naresh Auditors & Consultants)   (4466 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Originally posted by : R @ hul

Again the best article pulkit.......

Thanks & Keep Sharing


Happy New Year

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Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)   (15528 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Very nice article pulkit bhai, happy new year,thanku
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Sunshine (Helping All) (10575 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

very nice pulkit...nice to see the sunshine...

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CA. SANAT PYNE (F.C.A. & M.COM) (16757 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011


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Lakshmi (Student) (1835 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Very Nice post..

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Vikash Maheshwari (learner) (6358 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

"each and every thing in this Universe has a purpose "

thts cent percent so very true........may be i joined CCI so tht i cud meet some wonderful ppl like u ............and as always ,enjoyed ur article......will definitely observe nature more closely ........and of course u deserve a break......come back fresh and with more interesting topics.....we'll b waiting......

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CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Thx a lot everyone. 

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hey pulkit again gud work .......

article on some different topic .. enjoyed ur article.....

keep up the gud work

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CS Ankur Srivastava (Company Secretary & Compliance Officer)   (17821 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Very good Pulkit a very good Articel...

Keep writing and sharing.........


All the Best...

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CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114102 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Well done Pulkit....

A very fine topic. Nature indeed is our true teacher. But responsibilty is also on us to preserve and give respect to the nature. So in this new year let us all play a part in betterment of our nature. We can do this by---

1) Planting more and more trees. Trees are green machines that act as natural filters of our air.They are an integral part of the nature. The speed with which industrialization is taking place the nature is in real danger.

2) Keeping our Locality, city and surroundings clean. Cleanliness is the most important way to prevent diseases. As the cleanliness of the house is necessary, similarly cleanliness of soundings is also necessary. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

3) Industries need to keep an watch on their pollution control system.

4) We also need to keep our rivers. Water pollution occurs when harmful substances are emitted directly into a body of water. We also need to prevent ourself from harming water bodies.

5) Try to lessen the use of motor vehicle. It will help in saving the nature from air pollution.

6) Trying not to harm the creatures of nature. The animals, trees etc.

7) Conserve fuel and energy.


There is much more that we can do for nature but for that we need to realize our role and responsibily towards nature.

Let us all decide that we will try to improve our habits from 2011 and we will play a part in making the nature more beautiful. This will only be possible with a united effort.


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Manjul Soni. (CA Student.) (1407 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

Very Good Thought Dost

Its all about Positive Thought - ie. everything happens for good 

any seasons any type of situation having some good in it.....

i like this .............

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its just superb....happy new year Pulkit..may u get wateva u wish...

thnk u so much for sharing..

vipul patel (Ahmedabad) (320 Points)
Replied 01 January 2011

NIce Post Sir ,,,,,,,,,,Keep sharing and Happy New Year to you

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