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11 June 2008 at 17:46


Can any one tell me the main aspects in 3CD report

Robin Goel
11 June 2008 at 17:09

F&O Transactions


I am a full time salaried employee. Occassionaly, i do Option transactions through ICICIDirect.com. So, What is the income tax treatment on such transactions?
And, any documents ot be annexed with ITR in support of such transactions?

11 June 2008 at 16:59

Can TDS be claimed as an expense

Whether TDS borne by the deductor can be claimed as an expense in the books of the deductor?If yes, under which section of Income tax act,1961?

CA Amit Prakash Sharma
11 June 2008 at 16:54

T.D.S. deduction


First of all I thanks to caclub india for their efforts to bring professionals at a single point.

My queries are following:-

(1) First of all I wants to know that when a salaried not comes in tds bracket then his employer will issue form 16 or salary certificate and what is the difference between both of above?
(2) Plz tell me about concept of at par cheque, high value cheque and outstanding cheque.
(3) If we have not been deducted tds on interest payment to a party for payment in the month of march 2008 then what wil be the adjustment suggestable sothat we comply with the law? Also show me the adjustment entry for above adjustment.
(4) If we have not deposited tds of march 2008 till date then what consequeses happenes?

Plz reply me above queries as early as possible


i want to know regarding non deduction of tds on reimbursement of expenses by a person(IInd party) to another person(original party) who already deducted TDS on same amount and deposited. (for example a subsidiaries paid rent 0f rs 140000/ and deduct tds and deposited and get reimbursement of same amount rs.140000 from holding co. however holding co. not deduct any TDS on such reimbursement)

I need your expert opinion on this metter. please send me supported sec. and legal opinion if any on my e-mail address - canishantchaudhary@gmail.com

thank u



Amarjeet Singh
11 June 2008 at 16:25

Donation recd. by a private Trust

Whether donation received by a private trust which is not for charitable or religious purpose shall be treated as income.Please give a proper opinion on it with supporting of section,case laws etc.

11 June 2008 at 15:59


Dear Friends,
I am Abhishek Sabhaya from Gujarat.

So my question is : Can any payment be taken as deduction against Winnings from Lotteries, games, etc. ?

Please give answer after thinking good.

Best of Luck.....:-);-)


11 June 2008 at 15:19

income tax

what is the procedure to file an ITR-V without digital signature?

11 June 2008 at 15:14

income tax

If at the time of filing return it was known that the return is not complete when he was filing it.so just to avoid the delay return is filed .but if there is a need to revise the return and there is substantial diff. b/w original & the revised return can this be proved in appeal that the mistake is not intentional

11 June 2008 at 15:06

income tax

I want to know that once issued can audit report be revised or not.what if the returns is to be revised ?can a return with which audit report is attached can be revised or not.