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kollipara sundaraiah

Assessess cash loans different creditors each one rs:19,000/- * 5 different members total value rs:95,000/- cash loan to debtor rs:1 lacs show in ledger balance in books.
Creditors 5 members total value rs:95,000/- tranfer to cash loan debtor account account entry passed in books.
Above mentioned cr vs Dr balance write off account entry transaction allowed in it act.

Deepak Rawat

Dear Experts,
In a case, a daughter received some amount of death claim of her father from Insurance Company. She received the amount after wining case from the Insurance company. And Insurance company paid the amount after deducting TDS U/s 194A @ 10%.
One more point is, when the case was filed the daughter was minor, now at the time of receipt of she is married.
What is the taxability of this amount ? Is it exempt U/s 10(10)D ?

Please guide with your valuable reply.

Mohit sachdeva
22 April 2024 at 19:12


If invoice raised in 10.04.2024 but expense related to mar.2024 and we take provision entry of expense in mar.2024 against that invoice but question arise regarding GST RCM.
when will GST RCM entry will booked against that invoice when payment made to party in 10.04.2024 or in mar.2024 while taking provision entry of expense.

Rachana Gokhale

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We have GST registration in one state & have applied for GST registration in other state which is still under process.

Can I still transfer/ transit inventory to the Warehouse in that other state (where registration yet to receive) on Delivery Challan & Eway Bill ?

How should the Sale out of such transferred Inventory be Invoiced/accounted ?

Best Regards,

komal ameta

Dear Experts,

The queries are as follows -
Can a section 8 company (without 12A, 80G ) receive public donations when donors don't want to claim 80G exemption?
How will this donation reflect taxes, if any?
Which will be the best applicable form for tax filing - ITR 6?
How will the company can account such donations?

Thank you in advance.

kollipara sundaraiah

It assessess one immovable property at present time before sales of immovable property construction demolished and sales land only.
Assessess capital gain tax applicable on land only or land and construction both .

Accounts Amman Exports
22 April 2024 at 13:07

Sundry debtors writeoff - reg

foreign buyer (sundry debtors) writeoff entry ?

Mahabir Prasad Agarwal

Sir, A person want to supply various types of items to departments including, Clothes, Printed materials, building materials and other items as required by them. While applying for new GST Registration, how should he add items dealt by him, as there is maximum 5 options given in GST portal ?

jhansi laxmi

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22 April 2024 at 12:01

Calculation of CSR Funds

Dear Sirs : One of my clients is a Private Limited Company which has net profit of RS.5.50 crores before tax for year ending 31-03-2024 with turnover of 38.87 crores, whereas in previous years the profit was below Rs.Five crores. Kindly guide me, how to calculate CSR fund for period ending 31-03-2024 . Do the company has to open a new Trust for CSR funds spending or can donate outside as well. Please also guide me for Debit / Credit accounting entry for same. Kind Regards