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Companies Act 2013 envisages the concept of corporate governance, transparency, Accountability, responsibilities on directors, auditors.

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This chapter holds paramount importance in today �s Corporate World. With the advent of Companies Act 2013, all companies are forced to follow

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All about professional ethics

  Venkat Raj    25 May 2019 at 10:26

ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants ) is a statutory body constituted under Chartered Accountants Act 1949 governed by Ministry o

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This article gives you a very well planned strategy on how to attend the Multiple Choice Questions?

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This article would reach to readers at the time when the CA final examinations results (old/New, fou

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Excellence standards of New CA syllabus

  Venkat Raj    17 December 2018 at 11:22

The new (revised) scheme of education and training which was launched on 1st July 2017 is one of

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Strategy for CA Final Nov 18 Exams

  Venkat Raj    27 September 2018 at 10:58

November 18 CA examination This article would reach to readers by the time due date for tax audit (in case of without interest) has been extended ..

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First of all a very happy independence day to all. This is seventy-second year of independence where by the nation celebrates it and enjoys the very special moment.

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ICAI turns 70 on 1st July

  Venkat Raj    25 June 2018 at 11:10

This day 1st July is considered as one of the most important day for members of noble profession primarily because of its existence recognition to be part as members of largest accounting body.

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Elective paper at CA final

  Venkat Raj    01 June 2018 at 11:20

Choosing of Elective paper at CA Final (NEW SCHEME)The new CA Final Scheme of Exam is sought to be best as well as meeting the industrial needs and e..

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