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B. Training: 1. The entitlement of number of articled clerks to be trained by a member should not be allowed on the basis of number of years in practice only. A reasonable amount of YEARLY FEE EARNED PER ARTICLED CLERK should also be a criteria f

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The good initiative for the profession is : Graduates are also now allowed to join CA. A large number of accountants presently serve unorganized industry in India who dont maintain proper Books of Account. To make the system student friend

Posted in Students  15 comments |   5542 Views

During CPE hours learning; members are supposed to have contents of the topics likely to be covered beforehand rather than to supply it on spot and/or after the lecture. Since the accounting profession is expanding like galaxies in the universe;

Posted in Students  8 comments |   4552 Views

ACCORDING TO THE DEMAND OF THE TIME AND THE CHANGED SCENARIO; THE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY EDUCATION AND TRAINING REQUIRE TOTAL RESTRUCTURING: A. Education: 1. The study materials should include case studies to create interest in the relevant sub

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There are lakhs of LAW GRADUATES in India. Many of them are not engaged in the Law Profession which they chose as a Career (This situation is only in India; nowhere else) If they can utilize their professional skills to EDUCATE t

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More than Rs. 45,000 Cr. is involved in TRANSFER PRICING TAX MATTERS in India. . India's share is 70% of world's DISPUTED TAX MATTERS pertaining to Transfer Pricing. At least we have "distinction marks" in this field). :) . In

Posted in Income Tax  11 comments |   12229 Views

(Not restricted to exams only ) After reading the heading of the article; students might be thinking that I will provide them some magical tricks. . If this could happen; at least a CMA might be called a

Posted in Career  28 comments |   5533 Views

QUOTES ON INCOME TAX : CA SURENDRA RAKHECHA . . READING OF A "SECTION" GIVES DIFFERENCE RESULTS ! . . 1. At First Reading; you will HARDLY understand it. 2. At Second Reading; "SOMETHING" you will understand. 3. At Third Readin

Posted in Income Tax  16 comments |   5470 Views

Till 2006, there was a craze to be an MBA. . Till 2010; there "was" a craze to be a CA. . . Looking to the "increasing" numbers of the students; to retain its "credibility" t

Posted in Career  30 comments |   12201 Views

1. List out the names of different professions and say which profession you like the best. ( Once you choose a wrong career; LIFE LONG PENALTIES are required to pay and DAILY SUICIDE will happen ). . 2. After choosing a career; DARE to note NUMBER

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