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During CPE hours learning; members are supposed to have contents of the topics likely to be covered beforehand rather than to supply it on spot and/or after the lecture. Since the accounting profession is expanding like galaxies in the universe; for many members new subjects are not absorbed instantly hence neither they show their interest in the topics nor they get “interesting” features on the topics which are covered by the faculties. It would be of immense help; if such material is distributed some days before the lecture.

It is the “habit” of some well-known faculties that they don’t send their presentation beforehand. There is a fear to lose interest in the subject matter which is likely to be covered. Whereas at least basic theme should be known beforehand to the participants and then only members would enjoy/utilize the “real expertise” of the faculties.

One may keep in mind that there are thousands of presentations easily available at net. Keeping this in mind; if the contents of the presentations are not “extra-ordinary;” members “reject” the faculty and prefer to remain outside the hall where lecture is being delivered.

In Management Institutes; all the lectures are duly planned for whole of the year. To some extent; the ICAI must follow this. Until “standardization” of CPE hours is made across the country; members will not “value” the programs and due to this; the very purpose of the CPE learning has failed.

As explained above; many time it is experienced that faculties don’t send their papers when national seminars are conducted. Even their presence is not assured. To assure their presence; it is highly desired that they should be paid reasonable honorarium. This will further attract many chartered accountants to develop their public speaking skills on professional issues.

4. Members engaged in non-traditional areas of practice; don’t find enough cpe learning hours related to their areas of practice. Assuming that such members are expert in their fields; it is desired that they may send certain case studies to the Institute which they have handled (so that at local level they will not face competition) and the Institute may utilize such experience for the benefits of all the members.

Towards this service; they may be awarded suitable number of cpe hours in structured format. Further; when such case studies are received; the same may be included in the study materials of the respective subjects. An Appreciation Letter/e-mail together with suitable honorarium (direct deposit into their bank account) may be paid to the members concerned so that they would be further encouraged to share quality materials.

5. All members engaged in non-traditional areas of practice are supposed to compulsorily attend the seminars. Due to their expertise in the field; local office bearers don’t dare to object their attitude during cpe seminars who go out after marking the attendance.

What is their attitude during such seminars; need not require explanations because it is well known to all. (Members engaged in Income-Tax Practice; are not interested to “listen” lecture of Accounting Standards).

6. A large number of students pass CPT at present. Majority of such students remain overconfident initially because according to them; they are eligible to qualify CA course easily. Looking to the number of students crossing a million in India for CA course; it is desired that everyone who qualifies CPT; at least his career to a certain level be assured. Otherwise such students and their parents will blame the Institute.

To make the above situation more clear; when a student fails in IPCC for 3-4 attempts; especially when he scores 45-46%; neither he leaves the course nor he finds any help from anyone. In such cases; ultimately the students and parents blame the Institute. According to them; when a candidate who passes CPT (which they deem alike CAT and PMT); should be qualified as a CA.

Due to this negative publicity in the past; till 2004; very few students joined CA. So it is desired that Career Counselling programs should be regularly conducted to rectify their mistakes at an early stage.


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