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“It happens only at CAclubindia!!”


Respected seniors and my dear friends, the title I’ve chosen have no argument but a known fact that activities at CAclubindia are one of its kind. We acquire so much of knowledge and information from this site but we hardly realize its real importance and behave ungratefully towards this great platform, CAclubindia So, I tried to show my gratitude towards CAclubindia through this article.


So, this is just token of love and Respect to Admin and Team from me and all of us (I consider).


First of all, I would like to thank Admin and the Team for providing such a wonderful site. I am also glad to be a part of this communityIt is a site wherein everyone is ready to answer queries, post the latest information without any selfish intention.


Friends and Seniors, I don’t know of any other site in this profession wherein we can interact with others so professionally, even without knowing/meeting them and get appropriate and relevant information. So, I conclude “It happens only at CAclubindia”.


Also worth mentioning are the names of all professionals and members who have been giving their precious time to solve queries and needs of others on the site:

1.    CMA.Ramesh Krishnan : (7611 Replies)

2.    Ankur Garg : (7529 Replies)

3.    Aditya Maheshwari : (7143 Replies)

4.    B.Chackrapani Warrier : (6988 Replies)

5.    CMA. Sanjay Gupta : (4821 Replies)

6.    CA Ravi sisodia : (4554 Replies)

7.    KAAPIL : (3621 Replies)

8.    S.Srinivasaraghavan : (3560 Replies)

9.    Jitender : (2472 Replies)

10.  Ram Avtar Singh : (2210 Replies)

11.  CA. SANAT PYNE : (2155 Replies)

12.  Manmohan : (2123 Replies)

13.  CA CS* Prakash Somani (A helping Hand) :(2108 Replies)

14.  CA Devanshi Gandhi : (2029 Replies)

15.  CA. BIJENDER KR. BANSAL : (2016 Replies)


CAclubindia means a lot for me, for you and for everyone who wants to share knowledge and enhance his/her ability and IQ.


From the above figures everyone will get an idea that in a day how many users makes postings and get replied.



Why am I claiming it happens only at CAclubindia, here are the arguments :


o    Everyone gets appropriate reply in forum and expert section without paying.

o    Professionals like CA, CS have their profiles online and we can check their profiles and know their expertise and accordingly ask them questions which they are ready to answer anytime.

 o    And also noticeable on the site is the ever increasing attempt of students like me to write articles about new amendments, their experiences while preparing for exams, positive thoughts and other general topics. So what it means is “CAclub is just an addiction you can’t get away with!!”


Just think, why we are using CAclub and what are we actually gaining from this. From this platform this we are benefitted in many ways. Some of them are stated below:


o    Enhancing our thought process.

o    Increasing our ability to write/construct.

o    Increasing our knowledge.

o    Increasing our IQ on different matters.

o    Expanding our professional community etc.


So we are gaining, enhancing, expanding in terms of so many things……


Growth is the real answer to be associated with CAclubindia.

So now you must be agreeing with me “It happens only at CAclubindia”


Besides this


o    Students get notes of their related exams in files section and forum also.

o    They get any information regarding their exams and career timely.

o    Professionals also get updates from here on time.


In simple words we can say from CAclubindia we get : -


o    Timely Information – Which is very important for both students and professionals.

o    Interaction with people of  the same field – This is also very important for us, as we need to interact with people in the same field to enhance our abilities and knowledge.


So, I request all of you to please give your feed back on this and whether you agree with me on this “It happens only at CAclubindia!!”


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Deep Shikha
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