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About me

Graduate of  Kerala University.

Fellow member of ICAI.


    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Income tax,Kerala value added tax,wealth tax,company law,Audit and Accounts.

    My area of expertise
    Same as above.

    My experience in the area (years):
    36 years.

    Organizations I belong to:
    Ramachandran & krishnakumar. Chartered accountants.

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    Graduated from University of Kerala. Chartered Accountant from ICAI.

    Award & Honors:
    Ranked in CA intermediate. CAclubindia award(Most effective expert)for 2010-11.

  • Deepakk says : form 10ie
    filed form 10IE twice by mistake hence received tax notice from Income tax office.

  • ntc pioneer says : It
    Dear Sir How much is the tax relief in the case of the following scenario ? Fy 23-24 Gross income-10 lakhs Deductions-pf 1 lakh and housing loan 1.5 lakhs and standard deduction 50000 Gross total of arrears of fy 22-23 received in fy 23-24-4 lakhs Deduction of pf from arrears-1 lakh Fy 22-23 Gross income-7 lakhs Deductions-50000 pf and 50000 standard deduction Old regime is opted in both the years

  • ntc pioneer says : Income tax
    What if the agriculture income exceeds 5000 p.abut there is no other source of income,then in such a case should one file an ITR ? and which ITR form should one use if the agricultural income is 4000 p.a and non agriculture income 400000 p a

  • ntc pioneer says : Agricultural income tax applicability
    What are the tax implications in the following cases? 1) agriculture income 4000 p.a and non agriculture income 100000 p.a 2) agriculture income 6000 p.a and non agriculture income

  • Suresh Golla says : 26AS
    Dear Sir I am retired employee and my wife is housewife, I get pension on monthly basis. Last year we have sold our old house and brought a new flat. Now when I see 26AS, the same amount of sale and purchase is mentioned in both of our 26AS (me and wife), where as the transaction was done only once. Please advise if both of us have to file separate returns for same transaction. Thanks

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