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About me

In case you are looking for tax compliance or advisory services, you can reach me at canikhilkaushik @

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Income tax, Project finance, CA examination preparation

    My area of expertise
    Income tax, project consultancy, debt restructuring, entity incorporations

    My experience in the area (years):
    3 years

    Organizations I belong to:
    I am a practicing Chartered Accountant. Earlier I have interned with Ernst & Young India.

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    I am a Chartered Accountant. I secured 25th Rank in CA PE - I.

    Award & Honors:
    25th Rank in CA PE - I. 0.1% certificate in Economics from CBSE

  • Tanusree Debnath says : Required Information
    Sir, Can a MLA/MP be a Private limited company Shareholder/Director? Can he/she also accept remuneration from both from government and company?

  • Datta Chavan says : Sub lease NOC format
    We are registering partnership firm under GST. A place for business is subleased to this partnership firm from another partnership firm(Original Lessee). Can lessee give NOC to sub-lessee. If yes, can you please provide format for this particular type of NOC. If lessee is not competent to give NOC then in this case we need to take NOC from land lord(original lessor) then please provide format for this particular type of NOC where lessor is giving authority to lessee to sublease property further.

  • pankaj says : SALE OF USED CAR
    we purchased a car before 3 month including GST in Rs 25 Lakh, now we are sale it to a traveler company in 23 lakh including GST, and Traveler com. wants us a Tax invoice so that they can take ITC, so what's GST Rate will be applicable, if we pay GST Reverse basis then we will got Lose of GST becoz we not Got ITC on purchase and if we pay Extra GST then Buyer will be in lose becoz its value be high then New car. Please give us Suggestion about GST.

  • Mohit Lohiya says : Help in identifying hsn code
    Hi sir, ive applied for gst online, I've the gst no now. I work as a service provider of fabricating ms loading area section on trucks and small commercial vehicles. For creating gst invoice which han code should I use. Read more at:

  • Nara Hari says : How can i pay money to NRI seller
    Sirs I'm in a process of buying NRI property in Bangalore. The sellers lives in America and now all payments should i pay to his Indian bank account or foreign bank account Please advise Regards Hari

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