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About me

I am a retired Executive Director/Finance of a Navratna PSU.

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Questions on Income Tax, project finance, accounts and Management consultancy can be answered by me since I am a retired Executive Director having more than 30 years experience.

    My area of expertise
    Income Tax, Management Consultancy, Project finance, accounts and Service tax.

    My experience in the area (years):
    More than 30 years.

    Organizations I belong to:
    Power generation and Mining.

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    Chartered Accountant

    Award & Honors:

  • Siddharth Mohanlal says : HOW FILL ITR 7 SCHEDULE ER AND EC
    EDUCATION INSTITUTION U/S.12A Registered, ITR 7 schedule ER and EC Source of Revenue Expenditure and Source of Capital Expenditure respectively, how to fill this schedules. For example Trust having Object of Trust Income Rs. 3700000 and Donation received Rs.1000000 and having Revenue Expenditure Rs.3000000 and Capital Expenditure Rs.800000.Now, the question is how to fill Schedules of Source of ER and EC. Please Advise and need expert opinion in this regard.

  • SIKANDAR BANKAR says : 12A and 80G registration
    Is INCOME TAX RETURN are mandatory for applying 12A & 80G. An educational institution want to get registration in 12a& 80G. It more than 7year old institution. Institution has Audited financial statement. But they don't have income tax return. Is it is possible to apply for 12a & 80G?

  • palash says : Issues in case of death of a partner in a partners
    If there r 2 partners in a partnership firm and, one partner died on 30.09.2018 and on 01.10.2018 two new partners join the firm, then: 1. wht changes should be made in partnership dead, weather I hv to go with new partnership dead or supplementary dead is sufficient? 2. should I continue the firm with same PAN or I hv to apply new one? 3. should I prepare financial statements separately, for the purpose of audit? 4. whts will be the impact on income tax return filing?

  • swechha says : FORM 112

  • Bhupender Aggarwal says : INCOME TAC
    I am a Commi/Ins/Brokerage agent is mandatory show the ITR in B/sheet Personal assets like investment in equity Jewellery Bonds,Insurance Policy,FD,Residence house etc or only show business related like office Assets - AC,computer,Car,other equipments,office space etc Regards bhupender

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