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Articles by CA Deepak Bharti

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History of Benami Transactions Benami is a Persian term which essentially means something without a name. However, in the present context, it mean

Posted in Income Tax  1 comments |   2749 Views

Being registered under the VAT law means that a business is acknowledged by the government, as a supplier of Goods and Services and is authorized to collect VAT..

Posted in VAT  1 comments |   1169 Views

Being a completely new form of indirect taxation there are many questions in the minds of the organizations. One of the most important questions is what is valu..

Posted in VAT |   941 Views

VAT in UAE is a general consumption tax which will be levied on the majority of transactions of goods and services unless specifi..

Posted in VAT  1 comments |   951 Views

Date and Place of Supply on UAE VAT

  CA Deepak Bharti    15 November 2018 at 11:12

The tax which has been levied and needs to be assessed, will require a specific date to be established for the transaction for taxpayer and tax administration t..

Posted in VAT |   748 Views

Introduction of VAT in UAE

  CA Deepak Bharti    12 November 2018 at 11:02

Introduction of VAT in UAEGCC i.e. Gulf Cooperation Council is a political and economic alliance of six middle eastern countries- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qat..

Posted in VAT  3 comments |   1265 Views

Article-2 of Decree LawArticle-2 of Decree law provides scope of VAT in UAE, which provides VAT shall be levied on:a) Every Taxable Supply and Deemed Suppl..

Posted in VAT |   1216 Views

In the application of the provisions of this Decree-Law, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings assigned against each, unless the context o..

Posted in VAT |   2164 Views

Your type of business will determine the kind of license you require. Whether it's commercial, professional or industrial licenses, these will define the ba

Posted in Others |   800 Views

Complete Overview of UAE VAT

  CA Deepak Bharti    06 August 2018 at 10:53

The word tax has not been specifically defined under any Law, however it simply means compulsory extortion of money by any Government within Constitutional powe..

Posted in Career  1 comments |   1576 Views

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