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Server means a person or thing that serves. Another meaning of server is that a computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized resources or ..

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Swami: Hey guys!!! Have you seen my fb profile. I have made more than 2400 friends over there.Namrata: Ohoho� well done� Please focus on other imp

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Job or service!!! Whenever one hears the name of this precious or routine word nowadays, one picture depicts in once mind, i.e. person is going to office or wor..

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Managing Director - "Captain of the ship"

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Dividend-icing on the cake

  CS Dharmesh Vankar    21 February 2017 at 11:16

Dividend pertains to an amount of the profits that a Company pays to people who own shares in the Company

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Law should prevail over attitude, not attitude prevail over law.

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CSR Provisions – Obligation or Opportunity in the context of corporate thinking

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I particularly believe that after pursuing CS course or becoming CS one thing is very clear that one can be capable

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Rigid, conservative and typical mentality of Board members ignore the concept of woman director by stating that ‘she’s only lady’.

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