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Problems!!! Every person on this earth is catered or surrounded by problems. Undoubtedly, species of problem can differ (vary) from person to person but if one can say that he has no problem at all then either he's making fool to himself or other side party. Despite that, many people have converted their so called problems in the opportunity to achieve something or use it as a tool to explore new phase of life or personality finding or introspection. Readers can feel this understanding in recent time of Covid-19 wherein people are quarantined or locked at their residence or shelter home or anywhere else but they are doing something unusual or new to kill time which is not visible in their earlier busy and hectic life. Quarantine or the period of isolation, is the current situation where people have come to know the real meaning of what TIME is. We are sure that this period of isolation has given every one of us a new experience realizing the importance of Life and Time. In this era where people, time and life have been running at the top Gear with no speed breakers in between, this Quarantine have suddenly arrived with a sign board of '#STOP, Dead end ahead # WIP'. This sudden break in our running lives has brought us in the situation where the question arises as HOW TO UTILISE this time and overcome the boredom. Let's find out the ways:

Quarantine - A chance to ameliorate

New birth of life

Exactly!!! This would surprise some reader as how can this lockdown give new birth to their life. For this, we would like to bring couple of fascinating facts in light about the historic quarantine period which most of you would be interested in.

i) Sir Isaac Newton studied the concept of optics giving us a new way of understanding the WHITE LIGHT that is comprised of all the components of the spectrum. This was made during the isolation period which led us to understand the universe through the study of planet and stars.

ii) Another very well-known novel of Frankenstein was written by the Mary Shelley during her isolation period with her husband to protect them from the deadly disease of cholera.

Rejuvenate persona

One can dig in himself only when he makes an effort for qualitative free self-time. By digging himself in, one can look within his own being, knowing who he really is and can find ways to improve his own personality. The lockdown has given this chance to the people to spare time for themselves i.e. have some 'ME TIME' with a pinch of new learning and sense of accomplishment of their upcoming endeavors.

Scout artistry

Remember that the time of Quarantine is for the body and not the mind. No restriction in this world can limit the power of Mind and thoughts. I am sure that during this lockdown, Many readers would have find their inner talent which either they were not aware of or were departed due to the lack of time. We can find out on social media that many are posting their new cooking dishes, their painting stuff, some are singing song, one cannot forget dalgona coffee and saree challenge.

Surface fondness of buttress

Well, No one in this world can survive without the co-operation with others and by this pandemic situation, we the people of India joined together with open heart to help the needy one. We have witnessed that many helpful people, NGOs, religious institutions, Police, Doctors, etc. came forward to support others in this pandemic. "There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals." - Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability.

Nourish tie-up

In this busy life, it is very common that many spouse and parents complained about the lack of qualitative family time. Many say that this situation can be one of the God's ways to answer to the prayers of such people complaining and here they are now spending qualitative time with family or their loved ones. We can say that most of the Dads who spend hours in office, without finding an excuse are able to spare time for their kids, play with them and help their wives in the household activities. Parents using their talent have started to find out new indoor activities for themselves or for their kids.

A new look of being Independent

We are in the world where being independent is very common and equally essential. But this independency was related to the earnings or the work life only. We were surrounded only by the productive work style i.e. departed from the activities that kept us healthy i.e. the household work. This lockdown has shown us the new phase and taught us as to how we can handle every single work in day to day life. The office works with the household work hand in hand. As we see that whether he/she is a celebrity or a middle class person we have started to learn about being independent in every aspect and any form of work.

To sum up why not we stop complaining about the lockdown and start doing something that we were interested in and had an excuse of we have no time. As it is said time and tide wait for no one, this lockdown will wait for no one. Once all this is over make sure you don't regret saying i wish i had enough time to do this coz you have it RIGHT NOW.

Disclaimer: The entire content of this article is author's own understanding & personal views. This is only a knowledge sharing initiative and authors do not in any way intend to solicit any business or profession.


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CS Dharmesh Vankar
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