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This article is a trial to motivate for exams. As we all know November attempt is not much far. Specially it is one the worst nightmare for those having pre-pond attempt which originally due is in May’ 12. Most of us {I m also from those} can only understand the importance of this attempt. Many people I talked upon have already boycotted this attempt as they say that it can’t be possible.

Some of the reasons are amongst official and some due to Audit season which is quite reasonable but friends I must say that we can still try it. Atleast for a group, the only reason students think is that what if we fail. I must say that whenever this question arises to your mind ask again “what if I pass”. Again the reply is its probability is negligible (around 2-3%) then I have another question to ask. Aren’t you aware of CA final results? I don’t think it has ever crossed this probability as above.

So if I were to summarize till here, I would say just go for it.

Waise bhi 4 saal padhke exam dena aur 6 mahine padhke dena, ek hi baat hai.


Part I

Nothing is re-written and everything is pre-written. We all know this and somewhere some around we certainly believe it also. And there is nothing wrong in this. It is just that whether we have stopped trying and left everything on destiny or we are able to ignore the sentence and do what we want to do, what we love to do what we life for and what is our passion.

Our happiness, our attitude, our differentiating mood, all depends on one single state of mind that how we look towards life and for what specific purpose we are there. Remember until and unless you are aimless, you are lifeless.

Any kind of adverse or undesired circumstances and situations arising in the life may change a person and can result in shell like turtle but always remember that it is just a shell and no hardship can change a real character of person with which he/she is born.

Remember god is always there for us and he is constantly keeping an eye on our activities. There is no kind of negative replies to our prayers, it just either get delayed for right time or there is something better than our expectations.

For believing this you have to go through your mind and think of those moments when your dreams got fulfilled in an un-expected way with surprises both regard to time and quantum. And I am sure those results was better than you desired. It is just like a half glass filled with water. Your success depends on your perception.

Na Pucho Ki Manzil Kaha Hai,

Abhi To Bas Safar Ka Iraada Kiya Hai.

Na Haarenge Hausla Umra Bhar,

Kisi Aur Se Nahi Khud Se Vaada Kiya Hai...


Part II

Tension tension tension…………

The most awarded breaker in any good thought or any good move. Tension is not created by others or by circumstances as most of the people thinks and blames those others and circumstances. It arises when try to ask ourselves one single question “what if”. Whenever your mind goes these ways just ignore it by diverting to any other thing. I would like to put my view by this story.

Once upon a time there were three persons, elder one is PAST, and then is PRESENT, and finally sabse choota sabse khota FUTURE.

PAST was elder hence possess good amount of skill and knowledge but as he is old he cannot work, he can just guide you. Also as he is elder one in the house, he is bit arrogant and never allow himself to change his thought or circumstances.

PRESENT was the middle one and most active member, he can enjoy, he can think, he can learn new things, he can benefit by PAST and by adding something extra to it. It has a unique feature of adaptability according to environment.

Then the FUTURE, which is the most notorious one, its unique feature is uncertainty. He has no clear plans but always love to make people confused about him. But ultimately this goes on and one day future will become present and then past.

Now the choice is yours to choose one as your friend. You choose PAST, you have experience but you cannot live at present. You will keep on thinking or admiring or cursing or anything as the case may be but you can never work as you will always be feared about the results which is told to you by PAST.

You choose PRESENT, you have all the benefits. I am not illustrating it again.

You choose FUTURE, and live a uncertain life, full of fear and headache.

Mushkilo Se Bhag Jana Asan Hota Hai,

Har Pehlu Zindagi Ka Imtihan Hota Hai,

Darne Walo Ko Milta Nahi Kuch Zindagi Me,

Ladne Walo K Kadmo Me Jahan Hota Hai.......

Leave it to live it. Enjoy and focus today, let tomorrow come.





Saurabh Agarwal



Published by

CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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