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Hey everyone I am back again with another article and this time it is based on future aspects rather than past experience as like previous articles.

A guide to IPCC:


A motivational quote for a finalist:


And finally a self realisation article:


All those were based on past experience but this one is focused on a reply to all your queries I generally received from the readers and TARGETING Nov’11 exams {CA final}. Truly speaking I never wanted to share my secrets but as I progress in life I found that I am better off while helping others, so here are some of the Strategic Game Plans & Plays which one may follow to try clear their exams.

Some of them was so weird one can’t expect. How can I know what are your personal capabilities and circumstances under which you are living, people ask such things that they want a direct spoon in their mouth? Sorry friends that thing is not possible for anyone.

Importance of a plan

Seriously friends I don’t know how many of you believe it or not but it is a real fact that we can never ignore for a course like CA. Plans are very important and have a meaning only if they are written. Why written…?

The benefits which I found are:-

  1. Paste a written plan on your bed side wall. It constantly reminds us of our goals, otherwise we will forget those in 3-4 days and again aimless.
  2. If you try to think you will find that the way is easier and our steps are faster when we know the target. Written is just like a target where we had to go.
  3. A day wasted in preparing a plan can save upto 10 days implementing it. {it’s proved}
  4. It will increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

How to make it

Again this is the approach I followed and you may take it as an example and draft your own.

Step I: Initial Phase

First of all take whole of your syllabus and 8 fresh pages {for final exams}. Draw out a table having columns being, Topic, Time Required {in hrs.}, and remarks. Start noting down each and every topic allotting reasonable time.

From this you will get to know the total time required for you preparation. Then attach a master sheet which shall include only those topics which are not done at all or pending or revision as shown below to get a bird’s eye view.



Time Required





40% done till 15th ….


























Step II: Get deeper

Then we come to deeper level of planning within a framework as decided in above step. Here start your plan day wise. Use this link to download a calendar in word format and Make a daily target and write in corresponding box and see next day how efficient you are.

Write targets at start of months and pending work at the end.

Step III: Mental preparation

  1. Please friends try it once, leave it if you found it unsuccessful as it would waste your only a day but may save upto 10 days.
  2. Most important is to daily follow your schedule and fill all your calendar entries as only then it could prove successful.
  3. Don’t make weird and absurd plans. Make schedule according to your capabilities.
  4. And finally don’t get feared for exams. It is A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT exam. We are never failed until we quit.

I found some useful lyrics of a song ---

Chaani jo khaak to mitt ke sona, tu ban gaya

Ghamon ki aag mein tap ke sooraj, tu ban gaya

Chaani jo khaak to mitt ke sona, tu ban gaya

Gamon ki aag mein tap ke sooraj, tu ban gaya

Aaj paaya hai tuney, sab kho ke mureeda

Mili jannat tujhe to, jab bigda naseeba

Haathon se nikli manzil jab yeh daaman chhuth gaya

Aye bekhabar tu benoor ho ke roshan ho gaya

Bhari hai yeh khaali si jholi jo tu bhatka dar badar

Yeh bhi na jaane yeh kaafir ki dua ka hai asar

Jo taare se toota, sab khwaish milegi

Zara haathon ko phailaa, mannatein sab milengi

Hua tabah aur hadd se zyada khoya jab qaraar

Udhi udhi tab saansein jaise udta hai gubaar

Socha karey kis pal mein dil ko raahat hai mili

Khuda ke ghar mein taalim tujhko gir ke jab mili

Aaj paaya hai tuney, sab kho ke mureeda

Mili jannat tujhe to, jab bigda naseeba

On a request of some member this is my ID’s



Last but not the least you may anytime mail me your queries and I’ll try to solve those but don’t get weird questions like:-

1. Mujhe plan banana nahi aata, kya karu ? {if you can’t make after reading above, then think once again that are you eligible to carry a prestigious award of CA in your name}

2. Maine toh abhi tak kuch bhi nahi kiya, November is how possible ?  {use it for May}

3. Aap hi bana ke dedo ? {don’t ask for answer on this question, I have some very dangerous thoughts}

4. Blah blah blah………

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