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Before starting I would like to enlighten you people that my articles are based on totally my experience gained personally and by watching others nearby, there's nothing like hypothetical thing or fake logics and points. It is just a personal experience which I always share like the previous two.


From past articles I learned that most of the students {generally till intermediate levels} follow blindly without adjusting for the facts and circumstances of every different situation. Friends this thing is the foremost application of CA study, throughout the course we are made mentally ready to adjust in every kind of circumstances (this is the only use I found for Articleship training) but along with it we need to consider all other facts also.


Another thing I would like to tell is this article on a de-motivating platform, rather a self realization kind of thing in the midst of many unwanted changes of institute. Basically I would be sharing experience of mine and my friends on following devils:

  1. Changes of Pattern by ICAI (PCC-IPCC)
  2. Lots of changes in course and study material
  3. Increasing hunger of courses and decreasing real knowledge
  4. Pre-pond attempt for CA Finals


Changes in pattern by ICAI

The worst devil past 2-3 years of every CA student has been the fear to change. Final student confused with migrating to new course and PCC students with IPCC and stop training. Following thing can be only understood by PCC pattern student only. Friends I am sure that each of us has got that feeling that our juniors are attempting IPCC before us and also clearing {as they have burden on 1stgroup primarily}. This thing hurts most and everyone knows it. But as time passed by we all are at same platform rather we have some better practical knowledge.


Changes in study material

These had always been a debatable topic, but just think once as a Chartered Accountant, are you really scared of changes. If you are then CA is not your field because while we are studying we are prone to amendment mostly in DT, IDT and rarely in Law but when we will become CA then we will be prone to everyday change and if we can't handle these now we cannot survive later on.

So its better to stop cursing and start learning because the only thing to understand is We are just wasting our time by all these thoughts, ICAI has been same since 1969 and it will be same forever


The real knowledge and pre-pond attempt

The most important discussion is the real knowledge. Only once just try to compare yourself with a successful CA {anyone, whether in job or practice}, I bet most of us can never do that. The only reason of this is the hunger. We are always in a hurry, today's motto, if I am not wrong is:


It is not important to learn but it is important the number of titles we have earned

But the only question is how long you can survive on these titles, if you say that we can get handsome package, then please understand that if you are low on interpretation and application then you can't survive longer in jobs also.


Again if anyone has got through Final Papers of May11 attempt, will easily understand that ICAI is totally clear on the matter. You have the logics and application, you can clear otherwise there are lots of crammers in this world to work.


I was also a culprit till now when I realised this some days back. And if I am not wrong many of us like me also thought this but unable to realise and the most important reason of it is pre-pond attempt of CA final. I am sure that this thing has for a while blasted off everybody's mind and created a black hole to grab the opportunity. Experts say minimum average age of becoming a better professional is 23 and many of us are revolving around 21. Leave some exception, but the level of our mind develops with time and if we are over burdening it, it is sure to crash at some point of time may be through results or later on when we will realize that if we could learn rather that cram, we would be at better position.


Don't fear of failing. You can ask any experienced person in the field the number of attempt it takes to become a real CA with real knowledge. With the increased level of coaching, most of us are clearing but gain is nil as it comes through self study only. Again some might take it as like a vote to self study. This isn't my intent; I am focusing on gaining knowledge. Even we are taking coaching, we can learn by again studying it on own.



Try to enjoy the long owned prestige of failing attempt in CA.

Friends the real difference between accountant and a chartered accountant exist in this phenomenon. Always remember that even you may clear CA at a very early age but if your incremental net worth is zero, you will find it hard to survive later on. Success is a very selfish person, it may come very early and can indulge you in its beauty but it always favors only the hard worker and person with patience in long term. Ask any old faculties, they will always say that


Only Quitters fail in CA, attempt failures are just speed breakers


Sooner or later everyone will become CA, if we never quit. But to get the best out of profession, give your best. Hunt for knowledge, not for success. (message from 3 idiots)


Published by

CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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