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The Journey.three years and now just cant wait more!!!

31st March 2008, first time in life rising early in morning and getting ready for coaching of CPT. It was raining and even sunlight was yet to come but ahhhh... something are more than any other thing in the world. Full on josh and curiosity, a group of fellows started their life journey.

Before going further I want to make clear that I was the least interested person to carry on CA and which is not a case now. {You will get to know in further reading}. Only thing I know is firstly I dont want join business so early and secondly only some lucky people pass in CA. {I was an average student}

But as it goes on and as the people say no one can stay away from its destiny, time passed by and its only three words i now remember that is PASSION, LIFE, and DETERMINATION.

For the first time in life i came to know what passion is and to what extent one can go to achieve it. Now here is the list of my experience from which you can gain something.

1.      Go for it and dont look back Many of my friends always blame the day they decided to enter into the course. People always used to term it as the worst day of life. I know many of readers here also will be thinking of this but WAIT. Stop and think for a second. You mean to say you are declaring yourself as a loser without even trying. Guys and gals, nothing in this world comes for free, not even water. You should not regret any decision and if you are still doing this then you cannot do anything in this world. Only exception of this is when you are forced to take it and option available for this situation is its your life and you should not regret it later, so act now to refrain cursing later in life.

My best quotation ----


parindon ko milegi manzil ek din

Yeh faile hue unle par bolte hai


Wahi log khamosh rehte hai aksar

Zamane me zinke hunar bolte hai.

2.      Dont listen what people say if its negative You might be listening to many elders and motivators saying logon ki baat mat suno, unka toh kaam hi kehna hai. I am also not refraining this view but there is a difference in approach. How can one stop listening to people, its natural and it is unavoidable but what we can do as a prestigious CA student is listen and forget. We have lots of other things to remember, ICAI is so helping in this regard. These people are so kind to get a heaviest syllabus to stop diverting to any other rubbish talks. In such a situation just close your eyes and think of best moments of life and have a large smile for 15-20 seconds and say to yourself bhaad me jaye saala, me kar lunga.


4 years,

16 papers,

50 laws,

5000 sections,

50000 rules,

Normal people call it madness,

But wait we come up with a solution and that is we are ABNORMALS.


3.      Intelligent or hard work I think CA is more of passion and determination. Our course is not difficult to understand like in those of CAT, etc. stuff, ours is designed to frustrate us and get used to it as it is only course where you cannot think of leaving studying after completing course. As the SMS goes

I am a CA student, I can write at a speed of 70 WPM but cannot understand what I am writing. I spend more time with my calculator than my family. My IQ is greater than my own body weight. Only we know the importance of 39, 49, 59 and 149 or 199 as the case may be. My Xerox bills are more than my pocket money

And here comes the PCC results...

Never told anyone except one but one thing I had always known that I am not failing this time, its not my chance right now and had a calculated guess of 420 out of 600.

A normal curious morning with a fear whole day and again our favorite, ICAI playing its role by postponing results every hour. It was 6 in evening and I was on bike to my home and a call that changed everything in life completely. The voice said you secured AIR 22 and guess total 422 {its a bingo hit}. Hardwork always pays and I realized it on that day.

Parties for some days and then again back to work, I had go for interview to Delhi as it was the only dream of mine to pursue studies and join big audit firm, but life is not so easy.

I got selected to the interview and the second day:

1.      My current employer ignored to give me transfer so I had a fight with him staking my Articleship completion certificate. That time I was blind form brain and only looking for Delhi.

2.      It was not enough; ICAI came up with notification of giving exams 6 months earlier than the previous schedule. All plans demolished without any capital gain thereon. Some says go on, some says stay and study first and some was neutral.

But then I decided to go by heart. Now the situation was like dhobi ka ****..

Remember god is always there for us and he is constantly keeping an eye on our activities. There is no kind of negative replies to our prayers, it just either get delayed for right time or there is something better than our expectations.

Nothing is re-written and everything is pre-written. We all know this and somewhere some around we certainly believe it also. And there is nothing wrong in this. It is just that whether we have stopped trying and left everything on destiny or we are able to ignore the sentence and do what we want to do, what we love to do what we life for and what is our passion.

Whenever I look back, smile fades away but never regretted my decision because I know I can do it again. Life is ending so soon and still we all know the fact that ---

jo bhi hota hai acche ke liye hi hota hai

And the best line from the movie Patiala house ---

Ek din gaaliyon ka zor taaliyo ki gunj me chup jayega


Now its just 8 months left and only thing I know is

8 papers,

16 days,

24 hours.


Let 2011 be the final exam appearing year and let it finish in style. Just do it whatever the situation may be, I had, I can and I will.


Koshish Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti
Lahron Se Dar Kar Nauka Par Nahin Hoti

Nanhi Chiti Jab Dana Lekar Chalti Hai

Chadhti Deewaron Par Sau Bar Phislati Hain
Man Ka Viswas Ragon Mein Sahas Bharta Hain

Chadhkar Girna Girkar Chadhna Na Akharta Hain
Akhir Uski Mehnat Bekar Nahin Hoti

Koshis Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti

Dubkiyan Sindhu Mein Gotakhor Lagata Hain

Ja Jakar Khali Haath Laut Aata Hain
Milte Nahin Sahaj Hi Moti Gahre Pani Mein

Badhta Duna Utsah Isi Hairani Mein
Muthi Uski Khali Her Bar Nahi Hoti

Koshis Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti

Asaflta Ek Chunauti Hain Swavikar Karo

Kya Kami Rah Gayi Dekho Aur Sudhar Karo
Jab Tak Na Safal Ho Nid Chain Ko Tyago Tum

Sangharshon Ka Maidan Chod Mat Bhago Tum
Kuch Kiye Bina Hi Jayjaykar Nahin Hoti
Koshis Karne Walon Ki Her Nahin Hoti

Published by

CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
Category Students   Report

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