12 November 2019 at 22:53

Gst on hotel business

What is the rate of gst on hotel business..
can i claim i.t.c if my turnover is more than 1.5 Crore and I opt for monthly scheme..

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12 November 2019 at 20:42

Export of Goods with Payment of IGST

Assessee in dealing in export of Goods.

The goods for the purpose of Export and being imported. The aforesaid goods are exempt from Customs Duty and IGST thereupon during Import of Goods. Duty Drawback is also availed on the said goods after export.

At present, the Assessee is exporting these goods without payment of IGST. However, the Assessee is having an Accumulated ITC of other Ancillary services procured in India.

Question Involved is; Whether to recover the unutilized ITC, Assessee can export these goods with Payment of IGST by utilizing ITC. ?

NB: Refund of Accumulates ITC is not eligible since these goods are subject to Duty Drawback.

Humbly requesting you to kindly share your views on the same.

Thanks in Advance.

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A foreign company has sent a ship for some work say dredging (can be done by ship only) to India to a person who is a relative concern of another foreign company. that person has paid import duty by filing bill of entry. Now the foreign company wants to sell that ship to foreign buyer through that Indian relative concern. Question is , even the buyer and seller are not in taxable territory and are foreign nationals, just because the goods i.e. ship is lying in taxable territory, whether GST is applicable? Will it be a double taxation if afterwards , that foreign buyer resells that ship to an indian company and that company pays GST on import of goods ? please reply ASAP keeping in mind law regarding place of supply, import of goods etc.

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12 November 2019 at 14:09

E Way Bill

we have a creditor names xyz ,they sends (we purchase) items to our one branch @ ernakulam district,we proposed to deliver the items in our head office at kottayam district around 70 km distance between H/O and Branch.The purchse amount is 1500000.is there any problem with e way. The party (creditor) shows ernakulam district(branch
)in their e way bill as destination.can we deliver the items in head office?

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12 November 2019 at 10:24

Filing Form GSTR 9C

Hi all,
While uploading GSTR 9C prepared through excel offline utility, the status appears as "√črror Occured" as soon as the file is uploaded. However no error report is generated.
What is the resolution for this trouble?

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12 November 2019 at 10:20


Ours is a private limited company. Registered office of the company has been shifted. Now we have to change the address on GST PORTAL also. What is the procedure for getting the address changed on GST Portal. Shall be changed in core field or in non-core field ? What are the documents required for getting the the address changed ?

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11 November 2019 at 20:00


My friend has withdrawn GSTIN Number online even if his business did not exceed Rs. 40,00,000/- and he had not filed GSTR3B from the March 2019. He doesn't known that he has to filed Nil return. Return is pending from March 2019. Can he waiver for late fees?
Business was not running during the period from March 2019 to till date.
Please help him out.

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11 November 2019 at 15:12


Dear Experts,
We have submitted GSTR-1 for the month of October-19. Now we have found that one Invoice was wrongly raised on 9.10.19 instead of 9.11.19 .
we came to know it only after filing the Returns. Dear Sirs, Please advise how to rectify the same as all the invoice numbers was changed. Kindly help me in this regard, Thanks in advance.

K.B.Nagesha Rao,

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I have GST registration, I received income from Commercial property as well as residential property. Now my question is shall I charges GST on commercial property rent invoice as well as residential property rent invoice?

Please give your precious guideline.

Shailesh Pongade

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11 November 2019 at 09:37

E-commerce Business

3. E-commerce Business
Which form is to be filled for registration of E-commerce business, where the sale is being made through its own website and through E- platform?
Whether registration application is to be filled in Form REG 06 or Form REG 07 or both?

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