Suppose a firm lease out its machinery to another firm. Whether the lease rent paid attracts VAT or sales tax ? Please clarify.


What are all the areas a part time practioner is prohibited to certify? Whether a part time practioner can conduct internal audit for a conern other than the concern in which he is employed .

In short, what are all the areas an employed CA is prohibited to certify as part time practioner ?


There was a clause in the exemption criteria that a student has to secure minuimum 30% in the remaining papers in order to secure exemption in the paper in which he secured 60%.

Whether that cut off 30 % is still there or removed ?

06 September 2007 at 19:10

Criteria for exemption in CA Final papers

If a student secures 60% marks in one paper of a group but scores only 0% in all the other papers of that group, whether he will be eligible for exemption in that paper ?


while consolidating the P&L of one out of many subsidiaries,i am in problem how to calculate gain/loss on disposal of investment in subsidaries as per AS-21.
This subsidiary has brought forward loss from previous years and aslo have loss for current F.Y. upto the cncerned period. if there would be a practical example or working procedure for calculating gain/loss on diposal of investment, pls help its urgent since last date for submition of result is coming to near...


Harsh Raiyani

A Co. having mfg units in India, is also into trading activity for the very same item which it manufactures. The co has entered into JV with those co's.

The outward freight from that JV co. to the depot of mfg co. is paid by the mfg co. The JV co. is not having any depot of its own.

Under such a situation, can this mfg unit avail CENVAT credit of service tax paid on outward freight (considered as inward freight for it) and distribute the credit to its mfg units (service tax distributor).

06 September 2007 at 18:10

HRA WITH DEDUCTION u/s 24(b) pl reply soon

pl solve my confusion
whether DEDUCTION u/s 24(b) can b claimed if an employee is being given HRA and he has rented a flat
but his own property is self occupied or v can say not let out used by himself occationally
the property which is self occupied by him or his family is situated in another town and he has let out in another town

pl reply soon

Harsh Raiyani
06 September 2007 at 18:03

income tax - sec 54 F

Sec. 54 F permits investment in new Resi Property within a period of 2 yrs/construction of new house within 3 yrs. If the same is not done by the due dt of filing the return, then the Capital Gain amt has to be deposited to seperate C. G. Scheme A/c.

Can we withdraw this amt for some other temperory investment before utilizing it for the ultimate purpose of acquisition of new House property.

06 September 2007 at 17:52

How to attach file for members to view

Can you please tell me how to attch a useful information (excel) from my system for our members to view in our forum?

06 September 2007 at 17:14

regarding DEPB scheme for export

please tell me in detail about DEPB and EPCG scheme for export.

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