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How B2C suppliers can claim credit note amount when issued by the registered person

Mitali , Last updated: 06 May 2024  

There has always been confusion regarding the issue of GST credit notes and whether they are only applicable to B2B supplies and not to B2C supplies. 

Let's check the legal provisions related to the GST credit note issue so that we can find out whether such credit notes can be issued to B2C suppliers.

Section 34(1) allows registered persons to issue credit notes.

How B2C suppliers can claim credit note amount when issued by the registered person

When it is applicable?

  • When the taxable value or tax that is charged in the tax invoice exceeds the chargeable amount, what should have been charged?
  • When goods are returned by the recipient,
  • When goods supplied are found to be unacceptable to the customer.

Who can be an issue?

Under Section 34(1), the issue of a credit note extends to all recipients of goods or services, without differentiation between B2B and B2C transactions.

Section 34(2): Procedure and Application

What does Section 34(2) specify?

Section 34(2) specifies the deadline to upload credit note details in GSTR 1. The registered persons who are issuing credit notes are required to declare details in their GSTR1 return.

The details must be uploaded on a monthly basis or before November 30 of the following financial year or while filing the annual return, whichever is earlier.

Late uploads may result in a loss of the reduction in output tax benefit.



It applies to both B2B and B2C businesses for issuing credit notes.

How can B2C suppliers claim such a credit note u/s Section 34(2) ?

We all know that in B2C scenarios, the consumer is unregistered, and they cannot claim credit notes as B2B businesses do. But suppliers can prove by providing documentation of transaction settlement that the tax or value reflected in the credit note hasn't been collected from B2C customers.


What does Rule 53 (1A) say about B2C credit notes?

Rule 53 (1A) clearly specifies that the credit note can be issued to an unregistered person and must include the recipient's name, address, and delivery address, including state details, while issuing the credit note if the person is unregistered.


For the above legal provisions, the conclusion can be drawn that GST credit notes can be issued for B2C supplies, but the excess tax has not been passed on to the consumer.

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