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In our day to day life we normally hear the word “MANAGEMENT”. What is “Management”? Why this word is widely used in factories, offices, business, homes, gatherings, events and where not!! even for self also this word is used like “self-management”. What is the..

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Before going to wards Sale on Consignment basis or Consignment sale in Import and Export let's understand what consignment sale is. Consignment sale is an arrangement in the trade in which a seller or a consignor send or hand over his goods to a buyer or consignee without getting or receiving an..

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Debt Instruments - II

  CS Malay M Pota    19 October 2016 at 11:13

First of all thank you very much to all the readers who has shown interest in my Article 'Debt Instrument'. Here I add one more type of Bonds which have very recently entered into the Indian Finance market.  Masala Bonds Masala bonds are the Bonds, like any other off-shore bo..

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Debt Instruments

  CS Malay M Pota    17 October 2016 at 11:16

As we all knows that money is the life blood for a business. In business money is called capital or finance or fund. Nobody can image even for a small business without money. Here we will talk with reference to business. In business money is provided by the entrepreneur of the business, who is the o..

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What is Pre - shipment credit? When an exporter avail any credit facilities, in the form of loan and or advance from a bank for the purpose of financing the purchase of inputs packing material for manufacturing and packing  of the final products to be exported it is called Pre –Shipmen..

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Re Import of Exported Goods

  CS Malay M Pota    16 June 2014 at 12:28

Many time it happens that the goods manufactured or produced in India, which is exported from India, are due to whatsoever reason re-imported. In such cases the conditions and restrictions as applicable to other imported goods are applicable to such re-imported goods.   Thus, the normal C..

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• What is High Seas Sale   To understand what is high sale it is needed to understand the meaning of ‘high sea’. The term ‘High Sea’ means any location in the Sea/Air which is not covered in the territorial limit of India. When any sale or purchase is taken pl..

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Before understanding the meaning of first check and second check in Customs, we understand what is Customs? As per the Oxford dictionary Customs mean usual behavior. In other wards we may say it is a usual practice. In the ancient time of the King and kingdom, merchants used to visit different kingd..

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  CS Malay M Pota    15 April 2014 at 13:17

What is Guarantee   Guarantee the term that provides Calm to the person in the form of Security that the thing for which it is given will be done if not done financial compensation will be paid.   So the guarantee is a security for getting done the work for which the guarantee ..

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  CS Malay M Pota    28 February 2014 at 13:11

Dear Readers,   I have tried to simplify the concept of hedging by this Article. There are 14 instruments available in Hedging I have covered 7 instruments in Part -1 and will cover remaining 7 instruments in Part -2 of the Article.   Hedging (Part-1)   In the busine..

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