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Articles by CS Malay M Pota

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In our day to day life we normally hear the word �MANAGEMENT�. What is �Management�? Why this word is widely used in factories, offices,

Posted in Others |   900 Views

Before going to wards Sale on Consignment basis or Consignment sale in Import and Export let�s understand w

Posted in Others |   3679 Views

Debt Instruments - II

  CS Malay M Pota    19 October 2016 at 11:13

Further to my Article Debt Instruments published on 17th October 2016 i add herewith one more category of Bond

Posted in Others |   1302 Views

Debt Instruments

  CS Malay M Pota    17 October 2016 at 11:16

This Article is Prepared with a view to have understanding about the Debt instruments available in the Domestic as well as International Market

Posted in Others  1 comments |   2012 Views

What is Pre - shipment credit? When an exporter avail any credit facilities, in the form of loa

Posted in Others  2 comments |   23402 Views

Re Import of Exported Goods

  CS Malay M Pota    16 June 2014 at 12:28

Many time it happens that the goods manufactured or produced in India, which is exported from India, are due to whatsoever reason re-imported. In such cases the conditions and restrictions as applicable to other imported go

Posted in Others  2 comments |   8188 Views

• What is High Seas Sale To understand what is high sale it is needed to understand the meaning of ‘high sea’. The term ‘High Sea’ means any location in the Sea/Air which is not covered in the territorial limit of India.

Posted in Others  17 comments |   21307 Views

Before understanding the meaning of first check and second check in Customs, we understand what is Customs? As per the Oxford dictionary Customs mean usual behavior. In other wards we may say it is a usual pract

Posted in Others  2 comments |   8297 Views


  CS Malay M Pota    15 April 2014 at 13:17

What is Guarantee Guarantee the term that provides Calm to the person in the form of Security that the thing for which it is given will be done if not done financial compensation will be paid. So the guarantee is a security for getting done the work

Posted in Others  1 comments |   4319 Views


  CS Malay M Pota    28 February 2014 at 13:11

Dear Readers,I have tried to simplify the concept of hedging by this Article. There are 14 instruments available in Hedging I have covered 7 instruments in Part -1 and will cover remaining 7 instruments in Part -2 of the Article. Hedging (Part-1) I

Posted in Others  7 comments |   6981 Views

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