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The Secret of Keeping Patience

  Prof. Bajaj    27 June 2019 at 11:21

Ravi: Hey Niraj, I was reading about an interesting research today. It is called the marshmallow Test. Niraj: Sounds Interesting. Please tell me more about it. Ravi: This Test was carried out to check the patience level of children. Some children were given 1 Marshmallow each and were told not..

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Time Time Ki Baat Hai

  Prof. Bajaj    11 February 2019 at 13:28

Harish : I don't know where is my life going these days !! I am just running around all the time. Not getting time for myself or family. Niraj : Ohh…that's something serious. Take a deep breath and tell me what happened ? Harish : I get up in the morning , go through all the whatsapp di..

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Hemant :My life is so messed up these days that even Google is not able to answer my question. Niraj :Why, what Happened Hemant? Hemant :Arre yaar, When I am confused about a question, I try asking it to Google, it gives so many answers, I get further confused. Niraj :Ok. May be you aren..

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Niraj: Hey Anurag, why do you look so tensed and depressed? Is everything alright? Anurag: What to say Niraj !! There is no humanity left in this world. Niraj: Really ?? Why do you say so? Anurag: As you know we are approaching March end, my Banker approached me to buy s..

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PowerBank and Retirement Planning

  Prof. Bajaj    01 May 2018 at 10:48

Akshay: Oh Come on Niraj, you always keep talking about retirement planning. My Grandparents, Parents never planned their retirement and they managed decently. Why is that I should be required to plan for my retirement? Niraj (Smiles): Ok. So do you use a PowerBank Akshay? Akshay:&nb..

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Vaibhav : Yaar Niraj, you had said that 'Mutual Funds Sahi Hai'. But I am incurring losses in my Mutual Fund Investments. How does that happen? Niraj : That's surprising. How did you select the mutual funds? Vaibhav : Very Simple. I went to this popular xyz website and saw the l..

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Story 1: Year 1998 - Mr Alok Sharma had borrowed Rs. 4 Lakhs from Mr. Dinesh Patnayak. He promised to return it in 2 years and also promised to pay 12% interest p.a. on the same. However, Mr Sharma refused to pay after 2 years and after negotiating for 2 more years, Mr Patnayak decided to..

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Things you didn't know about NPS

  Prof. Bajaj    26 December 2017 at 11:34

'I am done with my 80C and 80D tax savings for the year. But still paying lot of tax.' Said Monisha, a 31 years old Software professional to her colleagues Akshay and Neha. Neha: Me too !! Is there a way out ?? Monisha: Of course NPS !! I have heard from many people that it i..

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There could be a natural question, "Why Investment planning in new Financial year?" Well, rather than doing only tax planning in the last moment, its better to plan your investments from the beginning, so that it also takes care of your tax planning. The Changes in tax rules apply from 1st&nbs..

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Your Truth and My Truth !!

  Prof. Bajaj    07 April 2017 at 11:19

Mr. Mehta : XYZ is a fantastic fund. It has given me 21% returns p.a. Mr. Khanna : What are you saying ? I have the same fund, but it has given me only 5% returns. Bank Recurring Deposit (RD) would have been better. Mehta : How long have you been invested in it ? Khanna : I invested in it 5..

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