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Articles by CA CS CIMA Prakash Somani

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Gulf countries are seen as bread and butter for many, especially for blue-collar employees. As you already know that Oil & GasĀ is the biggest source of income for Gulf countries however due to sluggish oil prices, their income has gone down drastically hence these countries are finding alternative means to earn income.

Posted in Career |   326 Views

This Article will answer most difficult and common questions about corporate culture in GCC and prospect between India & GCC

Posted in Career  38 comments |   7856 Views

Everybody talks about one thing, I have to clear my CA exams but have you ever thought beyond CA course i.e. what will be your core area of interest once you become CA!There are n number of options like accounts, Finance, Banking, manufacturing, Serv

Posted in Students  20 comments |   7105 Views

Before I start saying anything, I want to ask you a question! What are the real exams of life? Someone will say School, Collage, CA, CS, CIMA Exams, the list is never ending however I would say THE LIFE ITSELF IS A REAL EXAM (My words). Agreed! Yes,

Posted in Students  22 comments |   5671 Views

How many times we might have heard this word but ever we understand the real meaning of it? If your answer is Yes then you are on right path but in case your answer is No then you are inviting trouble! Time is money and you are wasting time, if you a

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Are you afraid of failure? Yes! No! there cannot be any other answer to it. Those who think negatively in their life often come across difficulties because they themselves make things difficult for them by looking difficulties in everything they do.

Posted in Students  45 comments |   13043 Views

HOW TO WIN A GROUP DISCUSSION 1. Remove the fear that you are not good in English so you can never clear the GD 2. Ask interviewer about his requirements, you can do it by talking to them for few minutes though it is a tricky job to tra

Posted in Students  17 comments |   8028 Views

I know you will be pretty much shocked of what I am saying even after being into Top member here. I want to say it’s not best but the best out of the best. The reasons are obvious and various. I can not point out every reason here but I would s

Posted in Students  27 comments |   5857 Views

HOW TO PREPARE FOR CS (Company Secretary) 1) First and most important thing is MODULEs play a vital role in clearing you the exams or for getting rank, see the exam paper you will get Objective Q’s, Fill in the blanks, Yes/No type questions

Posted in Students  24 comments |   52004 Views

WHETHER TO GO FOR PRACTICE OR INDUSTRY Prepared by: CA Prakash Somani (A Helping Hand) Every one of us will become CA today or tomorrow and after becoming CA the question which popup in our mind is "Whether to go for Practice or Industry?&q

Posted in Students  134 comments |   14984 Views

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