How to Deal with "Real Exams of Life"

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Before I start saying anything, I want to ask you a question! What are the real exams of life? Someone will say School, Collage, CA, CS, CIMA Exams, the list is never ending however I would say THE LIFE ITSELF IS A REAL EXAM (My words). Agreed! Yes, there are “n” number of challenges in daily life which you often face with ease and sometimes with difficulties.

The real question is not problems but answer to them. Everybody has their own way of resolving issues, conflicts, face problems. I would mention few parameters which help you pass or even score good in every possible difficulty you may face in your life. I agree that there cannot be predefined solution to any problem but problems are also not predefined. At most what we can do is adopt a set of principle in dealing with every issue.

I have written down few of the parameters for your ready reference:

a. Identify the problem

b. Identify no. of issues in a problem

c. Priorities the issues to be resolved first, second and so on

d. What are the possible solutions

e. Adopt best possible solution considering 3 factors in mind:

- Time

- Money

- Efforts

f. Manpower

g. Had this issue been faced by anybody else

h. What solution they adopted in dealing with the issue

i. How far they got succeed

j. Can there be better way of doing things (yes, there are always better ways of doing things, considering experimenting keeping in mind 4 factors which I have mentioned above)

Believe me, if you follow the above steps every problem will seems easy to resolve. I cannot guarantee that you will surely get succeed but at least this will of little help to you.

As I am writing this article for CA fraternity platform, so it’s my moral responsibility to write something to guide students in learning things quickly. There is no medicine which I can give you but I surely assure you that if you follow these you will achieve your goal more quickly.

Few pointers:

a. Keep in mind that this is not the only exam of life, if I can clear school, collage exams then I can clear CA too (CA exams are just an extension of what is there in your school and collage curriculum)

b. “Write while you Read”. One of the tested formula to remember things for longest time.

c. Keep doing underlines so that whenever you read that line again you call back that you are reading it again

d. Take practical subjects during the day and in the night you better consider reading theory subjects that way you will be able to maintain better concentration (Though it’s a general advice you may better follow your own convenience).

e. Finish one chapter and take a break. You may have tea, Coffee, listen music to refresh yourself

f. Keep preparing slogans to remember many pointers in a easy way. Say there are 20 points to remember then choose a word from each point and use first letter of each word and prepare a single word out of those letters. This will help to ensure that you don’t forget a single point while writing answers. (This worked for me really well)

g. Don’t overload your books on you. Be cool, do not overburden. There is limit to everything and your mind also has certain limits. In a field, you cannot grow as much seeds you want, the seeds has to be dropped with certain distance else they won’t get space to grow likewise your mind also need some empty space to better accommodate things which you have read. It will help you recall things you have read faster.

h. Take easy chapters first so that you will learn quickly and it will help bringing more interest in studies consider ABC analysis, if you are quick learner then start with chapter which has more weightage and go for chapters having lesser weight (To be followed specially during exam days when you have lesser time)

i. Keep in mind that there is no word like “Exam Phobia”

j. Talk to your friends and talk specifically about studies only

k. Go for a short walk near to your living place to get fresh air. It will also help you gathering your thoughts

l. If you are away from your home then you call to your loves ones and talk for 5-10 minutes (Don’t bother about mobile bill, the time will pay you back much more then what you have spent)

m. Ask me! I will help you whatever little I can do! (though there are a lot on this portal who are much more better in subject specific guide then me)

n. Whenever you feel distressed, Think about your future after you become CA, you will get a good salary, your parents will be proud on you… that way you will be able to boost your moral.

o. Lastly keep your mobile internet off and keep your mobile on silent mode as even a beep of mobile may distract you for a minute of two. (At the time when I was doing study, whatsup etc. were not there and we had no smart phones as well so we were better concentrated)


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