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HOW TO PREPARE FOR CS (Company Secretary)

1)    First and most important thing is MODULEs play a vital role in clearing you the exams or for getting rank, see the exam paper you will get Objective Q’s, Fill in the blanks, Yes/No type questions etc, which you can answer only when you have read the module completely.

2)    Almost every subject is divided in parts and marking has been allotted to each part i.e. 30 marks or 40 marks so better to read that division first which has lesser page and scoring high.

3)    Initially law may be difficult to understand but as you go on it become much easier for you (My challenge)

4)    Course is vast so go conceptually as you can not write anything here

5)    Results are generally normal & liberal as there are lot of demand of CS so it will give you value advantage and one of the motivation factor for doing CS

6)    If you just want to pass then refer last 5 years exam papers and solutions thereof.

7)    CS Course is highly reputed course so your writing skills play a major role in giving you extra marks

8)    Attending oral coaching classes, seminars will be valuable for you

9)    Concentrate more on recent amendments and case laws specially from CS newsletters

10) CS Guidance notes also play a larger role in scoring good

11) Remember that there is exemption in few subjects for CWA or post graduate students but it’s not always beneficial to apply exemption. The reason is if you can score well in the subject for which exemption available then why to apply for exemption as you can score well in this subject and get set off of your score in this subject from other subjects in which you could not do well

12) CS website has now been made more user friendly and at homepage you can get latest circulars, guidelines, notifications details which may be of very useful for you during exams

13) Confused whether to go for CS or Law then it depends on your choice. One thing is if you are law student or CS student then vice versa will benefit you.

14) Don’t go by thickness of modules as many of the contents are not useful from exam point of view

15) You can definitely use slogans here as there are a lot in which it may be difficult to remember

16) Go conceptually and read the concept of everything e.g. in Due diligence, first read definition and you will automatically get the concept about what is due diligence and you can easily write about its objectives, process etc just by remembering definition

17) If you are CA and can not go for any other course then better to go for CS because today it is competitive market and one who have additional degree will get additional advantage

18) Once you opted for the course don’t think pessimistically and raise your interest in law.

19) If you read it thoroughly then not only writing skills but also you drafting skills will improve which make it easier to prepare and present minutes of various meetings

20) Remember that every student has the same paper so whatever is with you is with everyone

21) You can adopt any way of study in which you are comfortable i.e. don’t copy others

22) If you are not comfortable with any subject or topic then ask it to someone immediately , CAClubindia could be the best platform in this regard

23) Interact with someone who is your ideal and can motivate you.

24)   Be confident and believe that “You can do it” & “Believe that you are a performer”

25)   Never refer anything new at the last moment specially during exams

26)   I cleared the CS Executive with my job. Will you believe that I was in office just one day before exams and still I passed exam in first attempt with more then marks I expected.

27)   Finally don’t bother about CC papers, you can contact me www.psomani.caclubindia.com on what to do in this regard



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CA CS CIMA Prakash Somani
(Landmark Group)
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