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Secretarial Audit Report And Annual Secretarial Compliance Audit Report

  DEEPAK SETH    14 July 2021 at 09:20

A Secretarial Audit is a part of total compliance management in an organization. It is a compelling instrument for corporate consistency among executives.

Applicability of IND AS

  DEEPAK SETH    10 July 2021 at 09:21

MCA has notified a phase-wise convergence to IND AS from current accounting standards. IND AS shall be adopted by specific classes of companies based on their Net worth and listing status.

FLA Return - FLAIR System, Key Points & FAQs

  DEEPAK SETH    09 July 2021 at 09:02

Foreign Liabilities and Assets Return is an Annual Return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets required to be filed by an Indian Company and LLP to RBI within the prescribed due date.

Types of XBRL and Applicabilty on Companies and NBFC- An Overview

  DEEPAK SETH    07 July 2021 at 15:18

The article lists down the class of companies which are required to file their financial statements and other documents under section 137 of the Companies Act, 2013 with the Registrar in e-form AOC-4 XBRL

Nightmare resolved - AGM Extension 2020

  DEEPAK SETH    09 September 2020 at 12:59

AGM due date for the FY ended 31.03.2020 has been extended till 31.12.2020 for companies.

Investor Education and Protection Fund | Complete Overview

  DEEPAK SETH    26 August 2020 at 13:03

The Central Government shall establish a Fund to be called the Investor Education and Protection Fund (herein referred to as the Fund

Labour Law Reforms

  DEEPAK SETH    26 August 2020 at 09:34

Labour law reform is necessary in India-jobs in the manufacturing sector have reduced by 3.5 million between 2011-12 to 2017-18, and economic growth was at a 26-quarter low of 4.5% in the July-September 2019 quarter.

Remuneration, Powers and Duties of Auditors

  DEEPAK SETH    25 August 2020 at 10:18

The remuneration of the auditor of a company shall be fixed in its general meeting or in such manner as may be determined therein.

26 FAQs on Indian Stamp Act, 1899

  DEEPAK SETH    07 July 2020 at 17:36

There are multiple rates collection of stamp duty on securities market transactions for the same instrument. It results in jurisdictional disputes and multiple incidences of duty, thereby raising the transaction costs in the securities market and hurting capital formation.

MSME: Investment and Turnover Calculation Criteria

  DEEPAK SETH    27 June 2020 at 15:38

The new Investment and Turnover Calculation Criteria has been notified by the ministry of MSME