To recruit or get recruited!!

dinesh , Last updated: 29 July 2015  

Human Resource is the biggest asset for any organisation. Whenever any organisation start looking for a candidate there will be only four kind of candidates -

1. Those who have the skills and willing to do the job:

This kind is the most suitable for any job. Every organisation should look for this kind of candidate.

Candidate Tip: Always try to present yourself under this category. If you succeed there is every possibility that you will get hired.

2. Those Who don’t have the required skills but have will and are willing to learn:

This kind also has the potential of getting hired, If a organisation is not able to find the first category candidate than they should go for the second category. because with proper training this kind of candidate can be very useful for any organisation in the long run.

Candidate Tip: Even if you are not able to be in the first category for any reason. Try to present yourself as a second category candidate. Because if any organisation doesn’t get the first category candidate and they need a man to do the job, you will get HIRED!!

3. Those who Have skills but not the will to do the job:

This category is not recommended for any organisation. Because even if you hire this kind of person, and for some reason, They also join. They will not be with the organisation for long.

Candidate Tip: Simply don’t apply for the job if you don’t feel  like doing it. Even if you get hired you will never get satisfied with your job.

4. Those who neither  have the skills nor will to do the job:

This is the least preferred category of a person. Any organisation having this kind of workforce cannot succeed in long run.

Candidate Tip: First find out what kind of job you want than get the required skills. Then apply for your dream job.

Some can argue that if you find out what kind of job you want you will fall in the second category and can directly apply without the required skills. Yes its true but the thumb rule is you should always try to be in the first category!!

At last as they say, nothing is permanent in this world. People keep on shifting from one category to other. Every organisation should regularly monitor its workforce and assign the right person for the right job. 

CA Dinesh K Raikwal