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First of all, I would like to congratulate you all for picking up a life transformational course called CA, despite failing in one or multiple attempts; you did not let down your hope for becoming a Chartered Accountant, which is itself a very courageous approach towards life.

Well, I can relate to your situation. I cleared CPT in Dec 2013 with just passing marks, skipped my first attempt for IPCC in Nov 14 and failed in 3 successive attempts by just 6 marks, 5 marks and 9 marks. I also feel really depressed at those times. I mean despite burning the midnight oil for such a long time when you find yourself failed on the result day really break down your heart into pieces. I heard from people that CA exams are damn hard to crack but never believed it, but on 2nd May 2015, I was terrified in the examination hall when the first time I had the question paper of accounts in hand. It was really difficult. It went so bad that I had no hope left for the next exams. As a result, I failed badly in the first attempt (technically second).

Later on, I came to know that it is the institute's strategy to set at least one tough paper to test the attitude of students.

Then came my 2nd attempt in Nov 15 while preparing for G-1 again, I read from somewhere that to reach a score of 200 (passing marks), one should score at least 60+ marks in one subject preferably in Accounts. So, I targeted accounting to score 60+. But when I appeared again in accounts, the paper was damn easy and was pretty sure that I'm going to achieve my target. As a result, I got relaxed for the remaining exams. Unfortunately, this time my expectations did not match with the results. I failed again by 6 marks. I got a decent score in Law, Tax & CAFM but in accounting I had a score of 54 marks. Later on, I found out that institute awards less marks for easy papers. Now you must be thinking that I was overconfident. Yeah, I accept it. At 1 P.M I saw my result and at 4 P.M I was back to my study table. I had thousand of reasons to cry or to blame my circumstances like I'm not having proper education facilities (even I was struggling to afford my books), no coaching, no guidance, no parental support, but I just accepted the fact that I was a failure. I accepted that there were flaws in my planning, revision pattern, writing skills, and my study material. I began to work on the improvement plan. For the next attempt in May 2016 I started preparing for both groups.

During self-studies, I was unable to get the deep insight of the subjects. I was facing problems on concept clarity. I almost had covered 90% syllabus of G-1. Then I came to know about the online lectures on YouTube from a friend. Anyhow I managed to get a decent internet connection (that too on a joint connection with my neighbour) and started watching videos for G-2 accounts, audit but unfortunately IT & SM was not available there, so I started doing it by self. I not only covered G-2 subjects but also G-1 subjects where I was weaker on the concept clarity part. 50% lectures were available the rest were not. I remember I had covered around 60 % syllabus of G-2 accounts then the next day I found that the remaining videos were deleted. It was something really disheartening for me since I had no clue what will I do next?

During college days, I used to bunk my lectures & study my CA related stuff alone in the library. My college friends made fun of my failures. My father used to insult me at times. I skipped movies, outings with friends; close friendships, college fun etc. But another tragedy came in when I saw my B.Com date sheet and I was really surprised to see that in the month of May, I had total 14 exams.7 exams of CA in the first half and the rest of B.Com in the second half. So I was really a tough stroke to manage both the examinations simultaneously. Somehow I managed the whole syllabus. I appeared in these 14 exams. Successfully graduated but in the CA Examinations, I failed again G-1 by 9 marks and G-2 by just 5 marks (Adv. acc 50, Audit 58, ITSM 37). The first thought that came to my mind was "I wish I could get classes on ITSM".

That's how I failed 3 times in CA IPCC.

And the toughest phase of my life started (from May 16 results till Nov 16 results)

I was at the same stage where most of us are standing right now. I faced a lot of troubles that time like financial family pressure, depression, disappointment, conflicts with family, loneliness, weight loss, weakening eyesight, comments of friends & relatives, severe breakup & much more. Even I could not sleep peacefully for those 6 months. No one came to me for discussing the reason of my failures in all aspects. Whenever I went to CA's for seeking advice they also looked at me like he has really a bad record. I began to feel that destiny is using its full power to stop me from doing CA, maybe I'm not born for this. I remember when I went for the exam form attestation the CA said "Tu Abhi IPCC Me Hi Hai,, Kitna Time Ho Gya Tuje Mujse Sign Karwate"!! No matter how much stronger you are, such incidences pierce the heart like thorns.

I put all these negative things aside. I immensely focused on redoubling my efforts and tried to execute my plans well on time. During this process, I critically examined the reason of my failures and I pen down all of them. One revolutionary incident that I want to discuss here is at one motivational session of the Orientation Program, the speaker asked "How many of you have the capability to secure a rank?" no one raised their hand. Then he said "Why you guys always think about passing the exams only, why don't you go beyond to become an ALL INDIA RANK HOLDER "and I was stunned at that moment. When I reached home, I made a 10 points list why I want to become an all India rank holder (AIR) & I was able to convince myself that destiny wants me to get a rank in Nov 16 exams so I started thinking in that manner & targeted AIR.

After that, I studied relentlessly day and night. I also had gone beyond my existing limits with full night studies earlier I struggled to study even 2 hours at nights. I followed the institute's material religiously & prepared every topic of the chapters. I wrote mock tests especially at examination time (2p.m -5p.m) just to get in touch with the examination environment. I abandoned myself from the distractions in the last 10-12 days.

Before 4-5 days from examinations, I went to a Dargah (tomb of Muslim saints) and I just prayed that "I never ever want to quit this course, I want you to give me the strength to do something magical this time in the exam hall ".

Today, I think that was the moment when half of the battle was won by me.


I appeared in every exam with the energy of a Spartan. I was not at all nervous, instead very much confident. I wrote every answer in a manner that could not be written better than that. Every exam was a blockbuster. It was like the best I could do. Out of 700 marks, my total attempt was of 692 marks averaging 98.88 each exam.

30-Jan-2017 (one night before results)

I wrote a note to myself where I exactly wrote

"Be so good at your performance that you would not have even 1% terror on the day of result"

"Look in the eyes of your target and say I have done everything to get you & deserve you"

I found life very beautiful since I have understood that "Time changes". Today, I am confident that I'm reaching CA final because this is something meant for me. God gave me the strength to deal with failures & made me strong.

I don't have any PLAN-B this time. Well! If I failed, still I won't sacrifice my love, my passion, my dream to become a Chartered Accountant.

I won't feel upset if I didn't meet the expectations because whatever I have shown to myself is commendable. Frankly, CA IPCC is nothing; there are so many benchmarks to reach at. It is just the beginning!

I have realized the power that universe has given me. I would think more, grow more, enjoy more and reach the next milestone after the today's success.

NOTE ENDED! (I still have this note)

I slept that night at around 3 a.m.

31-Jan-2017 (at 12 Noon)

I was alone in my house at that day. I kept checking the ICAI result portal then suddenly I receive a message on Whatsapp where a student shared the screenshot of his result. So this bring me to the conclusion that results have been declared and soon I opened the result window, entered the details and it was

I had scored 451/700 marks with 5 exemptions in Accounts, Law, Cost FM, Tax, & ITSM whereas in the earlier 3 attempts I was struggling to score one exemption. Even this time my ITSM score of 67 marks was higher than the marks of All India Rank #1 (64 marks).

As you can see it was Extraordinary. The moment I saw the word "PASS" in my mark sheet, I had got tears in my eyes & I cried badly for the next 5 minutes. For me, it was a big relief. I won't say it was my own success rather it was the victory of strong dedication, perseverance & years of hard work.

I fell shorter by 20 marks so I didn't get any rank. Although, I was aiming for it but I was in the Top 75 student out of 45000 which itself is a big thing for a small townie like me.

So to conclude, it is the attitude that takes you far away than talent. If you have a strong belief in yourself and a burning desire to succeed then surely destiny will also be overpowered by your dedication.

I hope this article will work as a motivation capsule for all you guys. Wish you all the very best for the forthcoming examinations. And finally, Thanks for reading!

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Harsh Arora
(CA Finalist )
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