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November 18 CA examination

This article would reach to readers by the time due date for tax audit (in case of without interest) has been extended, whereby all practicing members and the article assistants are very busy in performing the task. The students appearing for November 18 CA (All levels Old / New) exams are busy in preparing for the examination. The CA exams are just one month away. This is the last phase of preparation for the students whereby student should be writing mock test, sample papers, brushing up grey areas. By this time the student should have studied the entire syllabus and gained conceptual clarity out of it.

A student has to be very clear whether to write for single group / both group. The strategy to be adopted for CA exams is to prepare the entire syllabus in all subjects without comprise.

Tips for extra edge in examination

  1. For practical papers practice more sums. Do not simply do audit of the sums. Ensure practice of the sums maximum no of times. The key is the adjustment is to be given due importance. After doing sums fully till understanding, again and again adjustment, assumption alone is to be practiced. In practical subjects also theory is important and very easy to score providing by taking steps. With regard to accounting focus on accounting standard learn the provision to answer case based question. as IND AS is applicable for final Learn with greater understanding and make analysis in depth. With respect to financial management theory questions are simple straight forward just require strong finance base. Costing theory is also easy but Ca final costing theory is more to do with application and case based (new syllabus).
  2. For Taxation, papers do read the provision learn exceptions very carefully. Have ICAI latest study material (relevant finance act for the exam) and focus a lot on amendments. Practice sums by understanding legal provision behind it. For final students read the latest case laws and give greater importance to it.
  3. For theory papers (law, audit) understand the provision. Then try to read learn write from ICAI study material. Make use of key terms. Everything irrespective of whether dry has to learn only from ICAI.
  4. For elective at Ca final (new) carry a maximum of the only book. This reference book should act as aid only in case of interpretations, assumptions. The elective paper strategy can be as follows. 60% from what has been learnt 20% from case given in the question and there on building on it the next 20% make use of Book carried for a useful purpose.
  5. Reach to exam hall by 1.20 pm. Make use of reading time of 15 minutes very well. Here is itself the order of writing should be planned and key points in all questions should be noted. The first set of questions going to attempt should be the one well known such that it creates confidence on the student as well create a good impression on the paper valuer.

General instruction/caution for the exams

1. Every individual has some talents. The talents are to be sparked out and made as an opportunity for getting success. Every individual is unique. It is all attitude of every individual which help in reaching the altitude.

2. At 1st level exams, CPT student are to be very careful as this is last before the attempt. They have to clear it and not wait till the last attempt. For CA foundation the students can have a better idea in term of the question paper as already one exam has been conducted. Keeping this as the base they can know what is the expectation in exams. Henceforth they can keep this as a base to shine.

3. At 2nd level exams IPCC (old) Inter(new) the IPCC old Syllabus Students have to be careful as this is the last before the attempt and make it point to finish. Inter (new) students are to have now clarity because of already one exam held and henceforth shine well. But greater amount of caution is to be taken through these two points.

The taxation (paper4 in old new) is one of the dynamic papers in the course. As current examination is based on finance act 2017 the next exam will be based on subsequent finance act. As the finance act is subject to changes this factor will make learning difficult therefore it is very significant that taxation has to be taken greater care and performed well.

The crucial point comes here which is of very great significance. This point should give students more fire to rock in the exams. There was an announcement hosted on ICAI website that Inter/IPCC exams from May 2019 would be partially objective (30%) but no negative marking in certain papers like

  • New Corporate and other laws, taxation, auditing assurance, enterprise and information system
  • Old Laws ethics communication, auditing assurance, ITSM, taxation

But the above announcement is not fully notified. But however, keeping it as caution students should aim to pass the exams and not drag till next one.

4. At the 3rd level Final level the new syllabus students can really perform well on the ground that ICAI materials are made available and really very good. As One exam in new syllabus has been conducted it will support the students to shine well. The old syllabus students are also to clear and perform well they cannot be casual on the ground that attempts are available till November 2020. But to keep it as safeguard the old as well as new students have to be very careful on above points.

Both paper 7,8 (direct taxation, indirect tax) are based on finance act 2017 for this exam. As finance act 2018 becomes subsequently applicable for May 2019 and thereby adopting to changes becomes a difficult task and learning a new set of case laws thereby care has to be taken on this and students should aim to finish on a high.

A critical point to be noted that an announcement was hosted on ICAI website that Final exams from MAY 2019 would be partially objective (30%) but no negative marking in certain papers like

Old /new Group 1: Advanced auditing professional ethics (3rd)
Corporate allied laws / Corporate economic laws (4th)
Old/new (Group 2): Direct tax /direct taxation international taxation(7th)
Indirect tax laws (8th)

Henceforth students are to be very careful and hence considering this as factor the students of both old /new should aim to clear the exams.

5) Above all this is the festival session, in the month of October stands to be Dussehra festival and the month of November where Ca exams are held Diwali (the festival of Lights) is celebrated. Because of Diwali the students of 2nd and 3rd level have two extra days of preparation which is to be used to advantage. The CA students are to be very careful of this. When the world is celebrating these festivals the Ca students have to study but a day to celebrate the success will come.

As far as 1st level and 3rd level are concerned the results will be declared by 20/01/2019 the 26th January 2019 will be a day to celebrate. As 26th January happens to be republic day when the parliament was established in way back in 1950 the students can celebrate their success as they are promoted to next level. With respect to 2nd level as results will be declared by 30th January 2019

They can celebrate February month by planning tourist places in north India whereby cultural events are held.

A poem for success strategy

Let ICAI be the mantra,
Dream of success,
Learn Institute material like Book of Principle,
Use SWOT analysis as success strategy,
Capitalize on strength thereby creating Value,
Grab opportunities and have extra edge,
Handle weakness with care,
Think of previous passed out students as Threats,
Let Sky be limit,
Aim to make Your success as memorable
Remember "The world is awaiting your arrival as a Chartered Accountant"
Leave no stone unturned
Make 3 D's as pathway to success
Dedication, devotion, determination,
Prefix CA to your name
Become member of ICAI.
Wish you all the best for November 18 exams. Hope all of you emerge out in flying colours.


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