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Pain, the feeling we all are afraid of. The feeling we always try to run away from. The feeling we try to subside. The feeling we try to hide from outer world. Yet, it is something we all have to go through continuously since our birth till death, though in different forms, quantum and ways. There’s no escaping from it.

From the moment a human takes birth, pain gets attached to it and it is evident from the fact that pain is present both at the time of an infant taking birth and the soul leaving the human body.

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”Jim Rohn

Pain is bound to arrive at every stage. But most of the times, we do have the choice of choosing what pain to feel, either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and that, determines our course of success.

Following the path of discipline has always been painful and will always remain so. But suffering the pain of discipline is way more beneficial than suffering the pain of regret. By suffering the pain of Discipline, we can at least be sure that we didn’t leave anything on chance and did all that we could do but suffering from pain of regret instills a guilt that we didn’t give our best.

As the pain is inevitable, instead of running away from it, we must try to embrace it. Without pain, we can’t learn from our mistakes and learning from mistakes is as crucial as oxygen is for life. Pain causes suffering and that suffering makes us learn from our mistakes. Had there not been the pain and suffering, we would never take the pain to learn from our mistakes.

Bearing pain is a tough task. People do break down feeling pain. But success comes to those who are brave, patient and persistent enough to bear it all the way till the end which most of the people don’t and that creates the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Pain and Success, enjoy a direct relationship between them. More the pain, greater would be success.

Pain, is more of a journey than being a feeling. Pain is the pre-requisite and an inevitable component of the path to success. Without it, the success won’t be worth celebrating as the pain makes the achievement feel like an achievement and infuses the value into an achievement.

"The pain you are taking today, is equipping you with the strength you will need tomorrow"

Pain, be it physical or mental, has the power to either create or destroy. It may destroy a person and his ambitions or create a person stronger ever than before because pain creates resistance and resistance leads to higher absorbing and higher capacity to cope with tough situations.

Many great people have made their pain their ultimate driving force. Pain has inspired many great inventions and discoveries. It has been a core element in continuing the efforts since ages. Pain keeps fuelling the desire to achieve something great and this fuelling is extremely needed as great things take much time, devotion and patience to evolve.

Pain is also one of the most effective motivators. It constantly makes you feel desperate to accomplish your goals and makes you remember the reason you are doing something. Whenever you feel like giving up, pain pokes you and makes you think the reason of holding up till now and thus, forces you to continue pursuing your ambitions irrespective of the pain involved.

So, brace yourselves up, bear the pain instead of running away from it and see the difference. Miracles do happen!


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Vishal Sahjani
(Chartered Accountant)
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