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All appreciation to the students and professionals advising younger generation; professionals though their writing and useful discussions. All appreciation to the administrators of in their constant endeavor in making this platform truly worthy.


I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of the privileged to work on-behalf of people who are not privileged. It is the responsibility of the students from privileged backgrounds to think and extend help to the students who are not privileged. I have believed in this and to the extent possible, I have followed what I have said above. I feel happy when I look back that I could help few or guide few despite me facing enormous problems at that time. I feel happy to know the achievements of my friends and my guidance to them. Everyone should come-up in life and should lead a happy life. We should appreciate the knowledge and there should always be healthy competition leading to further improvement in the society.  We should not look at the illogical things like ‘age and experience’. Many in this society have proved that ‘a human being can imagine the things not seen’ and these are the words of J.K.Rowling. President of United States Barrack Obama was also criticized that he is not experienced when he ran for the presidency and the same thing happened when Bill Gates ran for the presidency of United States. But, entire world knows their ability and achievements now and as to how the so-called experience is often over-emphasized. Barrack Obama says that ‘experience is important; but, vision and imagination is very important’. Many proved that nothing is impossible in life if we sincerely desire and work at something. You might not have the privileged background, you might have neglected all your education so far and even then, if you realize your mistakes and work for the betterment in studies, profession and your life, then, you can definitely achieve the results. Examples are plenty. Prof.Stephen Hawking too was not a bright student as his teachers perceived until he has taken a decision to prove himself after he was diagnosed with the decease.  Dr.Abdul Kalam too has come from rural background, studied in Government Schools and only with hard-work and dedication, he has achieved so many things and he has inspired many in the world. Bill Gates has focused on research early in his life and was courageous to think about his own enterprise when he was 19. Steve Jobs could not even afford a good meal while he was in the college, but, he could achieve so many things and could face so many difficulties in his path and ultimately he is a big success. It is surprising to note as to how an ordinary person without much education background, with so much family responsibilities, has pursued his education simultaneous to his job and eventually had taken a decision to start first Indian Bank run by Indians and it is ‘Central Bank’ and its founder being Sir Sorabji. 


I am very happy when I listen to people that they are inspired by my words and they will achieve what they wanted to achieve in their life. We need to guide the younger generation and our friends to the extent possible. Youth today should guide the country and can find solutions to many issues. Even if you are a student, you can send a proposal to the Finance Ministry as to how to simplify the Tax System in the country and you can propose some notable reforms. You don’t need a doctorate; you don’t need a CA decree or CS degree to think innovatively and in making contribution to the society. It is really good to pursue all degrees, courses and with systematic education, you will be more knowledgeable, but, it doesn’t mean that you should not be an expert without any decree. Even a student can and should do research and should be bold enough in making his/her point straight. I am thinking about political reforms from my student days and I am constantly talking about judicial reforms and making my point whenever I get an opportunity. I am not holding a doctorate in law, I have not studied in Prestigious Schools, I have not studied in Harvard, but, still, if my thoughts are logical and if there is truth, then, truth triumphs. I am not saying that I am great or I have achieved many things in life, but, my point is that you should never underestimate yourself and you should not feel shy in making your point clear if strongly desire that your thoughts are logical and near to truth despite the practice in the society. Youth of this country should be innovative and we should dump all out-dated and illogical notions. 


Many contact me saying that they have the desire to achieve so many things in life, but, they explain their problems and family responsibilities. Some say that they are from rural background and studied in Government Schools and now, they are not aware as to how to improve their language and communication skills. Some say that they are working in some company, have family responsibilities, but, strongly wants to complete the prestigious course like CA and CS.  These are the students who should come-up in life and should lead the next generation saying that ‘nothing is impossible’. If these students from rural background, under privileged social set-up, with so many responsibilities at a younger age, come up in life, then, certainly, they will encourage many students directly or indirectly and it is good for the country. Powerful youth of this country should not be silent and if there is a systematic problem and if you think that your Professional Institutes are not functioning as expected, then, you should be courageous in taking the issue forward and for pressing for the appropriate reforms.  


I am really concerned at the young students who take their family responsibilities at a very young age and still pursue their studies. These students require constant encouragement and they should succeed in all their endeavors. If you don’t want to limit yourself and if you want to achieve things in life, then, there should not be any excuse and you should definitely achieve what you wanted. Even if you are from rural background struggling to understand the material in English, there is no problem and you can soon improve your language skills and communication skills. But, you should introspect yourself honestly and get the advice from others constantly as to how to improve your language. While I was pursuing my graduation, a 10th Standard student by name Mr.Prasad was my teacher and he has guided me as to how to improve my language. I have been constantly working towards improvement. If you are busy with your family responsibilities and working in a Company for livelihood, even then, you can pursue your studies through proper time management and with keen interest on what you want to do and achieve in life. There is no problem without solution and irrespective of your background, you can achieve anything if you work hard, plan well and have a strong desire to achieve things. Don’t compare yourself with others who are settled with some job or who could not complete the CA course with many attempts and even by attending practical classes. You should believe that you can complete the course on your own by studying the relevant material and through research on your own. 


If you want to succeed in life and then, your desire should not let you sleep in the words of Dr.Abdul Kalam. You should be constantly learning many things around you. We can learn things even from a 7th Standard student while we are pursuing our CA or CS. Why should we feel shy to know the things we do not know?  If we don’t think logically and should focus on illogical notions and mind-set that I am a CA and I know everything on accounts and finance, then, that is the end of the matter and there is no scope for improvement. We should be constantly working and learning things and this is the quality of successful people. While we talk very easily about ‘insider trading’ and ‘trading’, you could have listened to Warren Buffet as NDTV has interviewed him recently. While talking about being successful story in equity market through trading, he says that an investor should study the facts and should consider many issues while making an investment. He also says that you need not be always thinking about daily trading and it is enough if you respond at the right time and that will make you successful in trading. While talking about ‘insider trading’, he says that it’s a difficult question to answer. We can know so many things from these great people and their attitude. Whenever we observe the attitude of the great people while they participate in Seminar’s etc., they will keenly listen to others and even the young people and they constantly learn things and observe things. Thus, irrespective of your background, responsibilities and obligations, you should be constant thinking towards the ways to achieve goals or pursue the things and your learning attitude takes you to the top and you will ultimately be successful. 


There is nothing wrong in being confident at something that we know and at the same time, we should not believe that we know everything about a subject and we must be prepared to listen to others and to study the views of others. Even as a student, you can have a strong view opposite to the move initiated by the Central Government or the Finance Minister and there is nothing in that and infact, you should have your own understanding of things irrespective of what others say. I know the intelligence of younger generation today, students pursuing CA and CS, Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants; and I have expressed my views to tell my friends who wants to pursue their studies despite their problems that ‘nothing is impossible’. 


All the best to the younger generation and expecting that they will make this country strong through innovation and their achievements and their helping tendency towards their own friends who are not privileged. 


Note: Views expressed are my personal, not saying that I have achieved things, not exposing my so-called knowledge and I thought, there is nothing wrong in sharing my views and I know that I know nothing and should learn so many-things from you.



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Durga Rao
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